Cat proof my house

It’s the user, not the system

Sigh. Any construction relies on its user’s mental capacity and on the constructor’s foresight.

I’ve now replaced the basket with a cardboard box. I fastened the box with nails to the white shelf, and it has stayed on its place (at least until now). Cardboard isn’t of course the best material for nailing, so I’ll invest in a wooden box if this doesn’t work out.

Are you ever done with cat-proofing?!? (Not 100% sure if I really want to hear your answers and stories to this question… hehehe)


Catify your hat rack! DIY

We live in a 45 m2- apartment (485 ft2), so I wanted to utilize any space for the cats. The hat rack belongs to the apartment, and I immediately decided to catify it. The result turned out well, but was much more work than I thought!

The surface of your hat rack is important when you want to turn it into a platform for cats. If you have a similar rack like ours, you’ll need a shelf to give your cats a safe landing strip. Cats are balancing masters, but they need an even surface for a safe landing.

It doesn’t matter what shelf you take, but keep in mind that you have to fix it to the hat rack. If the hat rack is your own, you can simply bolt the shelf on it. If it’s not your own, you probably don’t want to drill. This Lack wall shelf from Ikea consists of two parts, which is why I could fasten the shelf with a string to the hat rack.

I was surprised that the cats couldn’t jump from the brown shelf to the rack! I tried to tease them with their favorite treats, but they didn’t dare to jump. I still don’t really understand the problem. I wonder if the “jump path” is too straight? It can’t be height because they leap higher to other places.

I built a very simple cat ladder to help them.

I bolted two longer and four shorter bars to a ladder, and wrapped sisal ropes around the bars. I bolted the ladder to the white rack, but didn’t tack it to the brown shelf.

Both cats climbed the ladder without problems, but it was very difficult to get from the ladder to the white shelf because its surface was too slippery. I nailed a white bathroom matt to the white shelf to give their claws something to grip. I wasn’t sure if nailing was a good solution in the long run, but the matt has now been there for over 6 months.

Success! They could finally get to the hat rack themselves, and it soon became one of the most popular spots! The ladder also works as a scratching post although they normally prefer cardboard to sisal.

I was first worried that Tessa doesn’t have a second exit to escape Kajsa, but it actually never became a problem. Then again – Tessa found of course a second way to climb down…

The hat rack was worth the trouble, but I was surprised that human furniture need so much adjustment for cats. The material wasn’t expensive, except the sisal rope: I spent about 20€ on sisal here, and this ladder is quite short.


The perfect wardrobe for cats

We forgot to mention some important “details” yesterday. In fact, it’s only fair that we’ve free access to “her” closet.

We had a very cat-friendly wardrobe at our old place. Just look! No walls, no doors, only curtains!! We kitties could go and leave as we please and we had a great platform on top of the wardrobe! Mom again had a dust-free storage for her clothes. We’re sorry for the bad quality, Mom took these pictures on the very last evening at our old place, because she suddenly remembered that she always wanted to blog about our wardrobe.

We’re still angry that Mom sold this perfect cat wardrobe because it’ll be very hard to get the same again. Mom bought it second-hand many years ago. All her friends admired her wardrobe, but they couldn’t get it themselves because Ikea stopped the production at some point in the 90s. So why on earth did Mom not move it to our new place?!?

She says that our new flat has enough (hear hear) built-in cabinets, and that she won’t storage furniture for potential future apartments. She made a big mistake there, and we know that she’ll regret it some day. Bah. So the least she could do was to give us free access to the new closet?


Logic of a Cat Owner

Visiting friend: Oh, I’m sorry that the childproof mechanism didn’t work out.
Mom: Sorry, what are you talking about?
V.F.: I just noticed that all wardrobe doors are open. You told me once that you installed a complicated gadget on the doors because your cats learned how to open them … The gadget was originally meant for children, but you upgraded it to cat-proofing, didn’t you?
Mom: Oh, that thing! Um…
V.F.: So the cats learned how to unlock the child-proof thing? Poor you, I remember that you were so proud of yourself!
Mom: Um…. that’s a bit complicated to explain…

Truth is that she felt sorry for us, so she never closes the doors of the wardrobe, hehehe.


I want a fish tank, not a bag of towels!

This is me on one of my favorite spots at our old place. I always checked our fish tank when Mom was doing the laundry. And yes, I was sleeping there even though the noise was loud, at least in the beginning. It always started with a warm and vibrating massage, but after an hour the noise became too heavy.

Mom made two big mistakes when signing the lease for our “new” apartment. 1. She forgot to check for squirrels! 2. We don’t have a fish tank anymore!

Bummer. Mom says that our house has a huge laundry room which she can use for free.  Our bathroom is too small for a washing machine, but apparently we don’t need one here…. Bah. What’s about me??

Mom thought she could make it up by offering me a bag full of tumble-dried towels. We didn’t have a dryer at our old place, but she had read somewhere that we cats like tumble-dried clothes. I was of course ignoring her offer. I’m a very busy and important cat, and my duties are enormous, who’s for example doing my balcony duties when I take a dryer break??

Oh, and she seriously doesn’t suggest that I cut down on my extensive litter tray sessions?

I want a fish tank. Not tumble-dried clothes. So I went to have a good nap on the book shelf after the last picture and ignored her “precious” bag.


Recycle Scratching Boards (DIY)

Our delicate claws prefer cardboard scratching pads to sisal posts, so we require that our staff makes sure that we’ve enough cardboard boards for our daily pedicure.

Bad news is that Mom has full control over our credit cards: she’s very economical and restricts parcels from our pet supplies dealer. However, we have to admit that she came up with a great solution to make our scratching boards last longer, so we thought we might share her trick so that your humans have more money for treats and pouch food!

We’re probably not the only cats who only use parts of the pad. We usually only scratch the outer parts.

Mom “saws” our old boards with a bread knife (best saw for cardboard!) and joins unscratched pieces to a new scratching pad.

You don’t need glue to attach these pieces to each other – just squeeze them as tight as possible into a box. Ours stay in place when we scratch, but of course it’s sometimes fun to upgrade one piece to a toy.


Pyrrhic Victory

Mom: Let me find a safer place for your expensive lamp.
Granny: That’s ok, the lamp is too heavy, the cats can’t possibly destroy it.
Mom: I don’t think it’s worth the risk.
Granny: They were never interested in this lamp. I’m sure they can’t tilt it.

Now the lamp has only one glass, but Mom doesn’t seem to appreciate our victory. She didn’t even say the very satisfying sentence “I told you so!”, but looks at us !?! So unfair.


About flying angels and a climbing Santa

We are young and innocent cats, and we’re still learning about this Christmas thing. We were thrilled when we heard rumors about this climbing Santa dude and flying angels – who would have thought that these guys were so much fun??

myths about christmas

Oops. This angel can’t fly?

katze schmeisst weihnachtsengel um

Oh. Santa can’t climb?

katzen lassen weihnachtsdeko nicht in ruhe

Very weird. This angel can’t fly EITHER?

katze und weihnachtsdeko

Good morning, Mom, great that you’re awake, we wanted to ask why …. WHAT are you grumbling? … Yes, we played with the angels and Santa, but …. WHAT??????

Feline friends – can you believe she got angry that we tilted Granny’s Christmas ornaments again ? We mean – WHO said that they can fly and climb?? He???

tessa und kajsa nov2015

Self Made Cat Grass Dispenser

Mom used to keep our cat grass on top of a cupboard we didn’t have access to (bah),  and offered it only under supervision. She had to secure the soil with her fingers while we plucked the grass: if she didn’t, the grass would fall out of its container and become a mess. And ahem, of course it was also fun to play with it.

There aren’t any “safe” spots with daylight at our new place, so she wanted to build a cat-proof grass pot. One day she was extremely satisfied with herself, and started one of her carpenter projects. I was of course suspicious.

What you need

– a deep picture frame (wooden)
– a container that fits into the picture frame
– chicken wire

It’s probably easiest to buy the picture frame first and keep looking for pots. Be creative, ours is an ashtray!

How to build the cat grass dispenser

– nail / screw the chicken wire to the frame
– find a solution how to fix the glass of the picture frame at the bottom. (Keep in mind that you’ve to remove it every time you plant new grass!)

If you a really lucky, you can use the original mechanism. You could also use nails to hold the glass, but this didn’t work out for us. Mom eventually gave up and taped the glass to the frame. She also thought about replacing the glass with wooden material (so much easier to work with!). However, you have to water grass, and glass is a perfect material for moisture.

Oh yes, this is perfect! The cat grass is on the window sill without getting into a mess. We’ve free access. The chicken wire keeps the soil and grass in place.

P.S. Since we’ve now written a post on cat grass: Mom waters grass with a spray bottle to equally spread the water. She doesn’t need to apply the water directly on the soil – she pretends that it’s “raining” and sprays the grass.


Full disclosure: Mom didn’t come up with this idea, but she doesn’t remember where she had heard about it. You know, somebody mentioned somewhere something…

Mysterious Curtain Incident

Feline friends! Do you sometimes also feel fooled by your humans?

Mom started talking to herself when she came to the living room. “What has now happened to the curtains? Was this really necessary??? Who was that?? Ah, there you’re, Kajsa. What have you girls done?”

I know I shouldn’t have listened to her soliloquy, but I wanted to help her finding out what had happened to OUR curtains.

Nope. There’s no one behind the curtains, so it’s hard to tell what happened here.

You should think that she’d be grateful for my help, but she kept complaining “Oh, so you’re returning to the crime scene now, stop playing with my curtains, you silly little thing!”

WHAT??? How did this curtain thing become my fault? Shouldn’t she suspect Tessa who’s sleeping in the closet? No, Mom, she’s not innocently sleeping, but exhausted from a long night …


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