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Intergenerational competence

Thank you for your support, kitties, I’ll go for the maximum number of boxes!

Today I want to share some inter-generational wisdom with you to get maximum attention from your humans! Occupying Mom’s laptop is a very powerful tool to get her full attention. However, I’ve never seen Granny with a laptop, so I tried sitting on her newspaper. Success!

cat occupies newspaper

Even better – on the newspaper and crossword at the same time.

cat occupies crossword

Hehehehehehe. Needless to say: look as sweet and innocent as possible!


tessa nov2015

EasyPill Cat

For their own best:

Whoever combined the words easy, pill and cat is hopefully FAR AWAY from my kitchen right now.

easypill cat

(No, nothing serious – “only” deworming before their annual vaccination shots.)

P.S. Sorry for the blog break, we’ll be back to normal next week. Thank you for all your comments and thoughts – I haven’t had time to catch up yet.


mommy nov2015

Now the drugs do work

I’m not surprised that Äiti has difficulties to take sharp pictures – her drugs are too good! I mean, I was just casually walking through the kitchen when one of my innocent paws touched a Polliwog. Next thing I know, I was laying intoxicated on the floor.

cat stares at valerian toy

… going wild. Ok, at least by my standards. I could name some cats who think that this is normal behavior.

cat playing with Valerian scented toy

cat goes crazy about valerian toy

cat plays with Valerian scented toy

cat loves valerian toy

Now… what was I originally planning to do? I can’t remember, but it sure was something very important?


kajsa nov2015

Laundry Day

The lazy human finally emptied this very compelling laundry bin, and I moved in immediately.

cat wants laundry bag as her new bed

Hm. She says that I’m on the wrong side because I’m too dark for light-colored laundry?

cat is hiding in laundry basket

Sigh. And of course Kajsa had some objections as well.

cat in laundry basket

Ok then, I’ll change sides. Oh, and don’t you complain about blurry pictures! And why are you laughing?

cat is playing in laundry basket

How did you see that coming???

cat plays with laundry bag

Whatever. I’m on the dark side now, hehe: a great base camp for my regime. Now, get me some treats!

cats on laundry day


tessa nov2015

There are two types of people

Those who think things through and spend some extra bucks on home delivery. And then there are those who order 40 kg (ca. 88 Ib) cat litter, and save money by collecting the package from the local store themselves. Which would be fine if this infamous person had a car.

While others would have asked for help, I chose a slightly different approach. I can highly recommend this method if you want your neighborhood to know you!

wheelbarrow in snow

And no, I didn’t take Tessa with me, but my friends actually offered me money if I go next time with two cats in a wheelbarrow to the local store. (Ongoing negotiations, I currently wait for a better offer, hehe)


mommy nov2015

The other side of the story

Oh, just in case someone feels sorry for Mom because we reject baskets and three-floored cardboard houses: the story also goes the other way around.

I was thrilled when this wonderful box showed up.

cat cant get enough of boxes

It has the perfect size.

cat is very picky about boxes

… and I can continue working for James Bond.

cat hides in a box to observe

So what does she mean with “I need this box for something else” ??

surprised cat in a box


tessa nov2015

Fish Oil

salmon oil for cats I’m in general pretty good at doing things I find disgusting. Cleaning a shower drain from hair? Feline and human excrements? No problem.

For a long time, I had only dog poop (seriously, this is one of the reasons why I’d never get a dog) on my “hello gag reflex” list … until I ordered salmon oil. Believe me, Finnish is known for its great variety of swearwords, but non of them described what I felt when I opened this bottle.

The fish oil was to help my cats with hairballs. Both love butter and olive oil, but I thought that salmon oil would be even better because cats can’t utilize vegetable fat and proteins. Although I eat mainly vegetarian food, bloody offals don’t disgust me. I’d like to feed BARF (a raw food diet) in the long run, and started giving them fresh meat and offals. That being said, I won’t buy salmon oil again. I was glad when it finally expired in January – I gagged every time I saw this bottle in my fridge. Which is weird, because I didn’t mind storing feline diarrhea for the lab last summer. Fish oil is definitely worse than diarrhea!

So we’ll go back to butter every now and then. Have you ever tried fish oil? I still think it’s a great alternative to butter. Tessa and Kajsa loved it, and it’s a useful supplement for our carnivores.

mommy nov2015

Living In A Shelf

I was just going through some “old” pictures – I miss my shelf cats ! They loved sitting there in the beginning and  looked so cute!

cat doesnt use her favorite spot anymore

I’ll probably reclaim two of their shelves soon. And who knows, maybe they’ll “do a Spitty” and I’ll get my shelf cats back?

How often do your cats change their favorite spots? Kajsa and Tessa have normally 1-2 spots where they hang out excessively, before they suddenly change their preferences. The weird thing is that they never go back to one of their former favorite spots, such as this shelf. Then again, we have only lived together for 9 months, so “never” is a bit overstated. Plus, we stayed for about 2,5 months at my parents’ place, and lived 1,5 months with major construction work.

mommy nov2015

Polliwog for Jolly Mogs

Feline friends! Last week was very exciting because we got a parcel with Christmas presents from our friends in Northern Finland. You may wonder why we’re celebrating Christmas in February, but things are more complicated than that: the Finnish Postal Service tried to stage a coup! (Remember, you read it here first.)

The growing royal-feline alliance between Finland North and South apparently upsets Posti: they forgot to notify us of our parcel in December, and returned it eventually to the sender. We again sent a parcel to Punapippuri in January, and it got lost! Mom wrote a lot of emails and Posti has now found it. They say that Punapippuri will get our parcel in the beginning of this week … well. We’ve heart that before, haven’t we? So we need to be more careful with our plans to establish a feline royal dynasty in Finland. Posti is already on it!!

It’s good that we got presents to distract ourselves from these heavy domestic politics. Mom’s very happy about a calendar with all the celebrities of Punapippuri’s blog. Ok, she said that the calendar is for all of us, but I was far more interested in Polliwogs.

Cat loves valerian toys

I just had to check that Kajsa was upstairs

valerian toys for cats

… and then things got a bit out of control. Mom thinks she can see a Polliwog on this picture, but she isn’t sure.

cat loves valerian root

Oh yes, my mighty paws will take good care of this wonderful present. Thank you!

polliwog punapippuri


tessa nov2015

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