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Magnetic North

It’s a bit late for Christmas stuff, but we guess it’s ok to show Christmas presents in the middle of January when Spitty’s staff writes Christmas cards on Jan 2nd, hehe. In fact, we got a present from Spitty’s first officer Punapippuri – a calendar for 2017 with all the celebrities of Finland (N).

I had of course a good sniff at everything. You know, we hardly ever get visits from mancats. The last one was Mr. Black Cat at our old place, but Kajsa chased him away with her iron paw.

Did you notice the perfect wrapping paper?? Birdies in Christmas costumes, waiting to get picked up by hungry felines?

A purrfect parcel, indeed. Mom now has a calendar which will remind her to give us treats every day (she’s quite forgetful), a Christmas card and a piece of art from the Catio Tales. Thank you very much!!


Petite Boxing Day

We’ve great news! Mom became nocturnal and spends her nights with us! She doesn’t appreciate her new style of life though, and says that it isn’t funny to cough all night. However, she’s feeling better for each day, so don’t feel sorry for her (it only makes her lazy and demanding). Thank you for all your greetings and wishes: Mom will answer you soon.

Now to the important part – it’s Boxing Day! All boxes belong to cats, so it’s today we celebrate Catmas. I wanted to go petite this year.

Mom thinks that this box is too small for me…. I don’t agree.

Told ya!


The Black Male Cat Among Us

Wait. Why do we have Spitty’s litter? (He’s male, his fur is black, and we assume that he smells, so it must be his?)


“Acts against strong male cat urine”.

So this woman didn’t buy an advent calendar for us because The commercial world is full of strange products, but male litter is something to invest money in? Bah.


tessa und kajsa nov2015


Waiting for Christmas

The commercial world is full of strange products.


I don’t give my cats Christmas presents, and I would neither buy them an advent calendar… but it was a great present to get, and I’m sure the girls will love it!

AND I will certainly impress my nephews with our cat advent calendar when I let them open the doors for Kajsa and Tessa.


mommy nov2015

Uptown Girls

Mom was really excited when she came home – which normally means that she bought something for us that we’ll neglect. Oh yes, we know our human too well, but we couldn’t have guessed what she brought this time along because she outnumbered herself: hay. Let me repeat this. HAY.


I couldn’t believe my nose and had a closer look. Hay. Does she think I’m a rabbit or even a German Mäuschen ??


She made two boxes and tried to encourage us to use them.


She thought that we’d love to snuggle in hay, to keep us warm, to play, to enjoy the balcony in winter time, to give us the chance to live in our natural habitat, to…. STOP. Natural habitat?? Do we look like ordinary farm cats??

Bottom line: two fine boxes are wasted, waiting for nothing on the balcony.  She needed ages to get the rug hay-free and wasted money she could have spent on treats. Bah. Well at least we had something to eat and to throw up…

tessa nov2015

The Bird Feeder

Oh, I’m feeling so lonely here. Mom installed a cat tv, but nothing’s happened yet. Reality TV is so boring.


Now THIS is an excellent show.


Hello you!


Our foolish Mom thinks about removing the bird feeder now. Help!

1. One of those stupid birds crashed right into the window, and Mom’s now afraid that they’ll get hurt.
2. She’s also afraid that they get used to the idea that cats can’t harm them.

Bah. PLEASE – tell her your opinion and experiences if you have any. I suggest that she just opens the window. This would definitely solve both problems.

tessa nov2015

Material Girlcat

Oh, life’s good, feline friends.

cat plays with feather waggler toy

experiences with feather waggler from zooplus

feather waggler toy zooplus is not sturdy

What? You don’t like this toy because it gets broken so easily? And because stupid Tessa swallowed a feather while you were watching her?

feather waggler toy gets broken easily

Stop whining and buy a new one. We don’t like super-ergonomic-high-qualitive toys. Period. I mean… why do you watch trash tv while eating trash food?

kajsa nov2015

Family game

The dark and cold time reveals just how weird humans are. Here we’re, casually enjoying a family evening together. We’re carefully watching Mom playing a strange human game: to reassemble 1000 pieces to a picture which was already broken when she bought it.


We don’t understand why she’s so suspicious about our presence – turned out that she doesn’t trust us. What?? This is so unfair, just look at us, all innocent and cozy. Besides, even IF our innocent paws were involved in this game, why does she get upset when we destroy it again? After all, didn’t she buy the picture because she wants to spend time repairing it? We only wanted to make sure that she can keep repairing?

Shopping Queens

Thank you so much for your warm welcome! We’ll tell more about our new residence soon!

We’ve now lived with Mom for 1,5 years, and you should think that she got used to our gracious looks and enormous brain capacity. So why is she so surprised when we know that she’s about ordering food? Zooplus is the biggest international pet supplies store in Europe, and of course we recognize their webpages.


Feline friends – it definitely pays off being cuddly and very sweet when your humans are shopping for you. We find that Mom’s more likely to buy treats when we’re purring next to her keyboard. Caution! This is one of the rare occasions when you mustn’t occupy laptops! Stay next to it!

We don’t understand why Mom thinks that we’re spoiled rotten – and why this is a bad thing.

P.S. If you’re also a Zooplus customer, make sure to read their mails carefully. Zooplus has already changed terms and condition of their saving scheme in some countries. You can disapprove if you don’t like the new rules – the old terms and conditions will then continue to apply to your account.


tessa und kajsa nov2015

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