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Cat vs Human

Hard to believe, but somebody actually asked me for advice after showing the video of Tessa ignoring my feeding arrangements!

I use a desk pad from IKEA as a mat for food bowls, and I’m very satisfied with it – perfect size, easy to clean and cheaper than the mats I’ve seen at local pet stores. Its bottom is corrugated and makes the mat sticky without damaging the floor.

protection to put under bowl of pet food

Well. The best mat doesn’t help when your cat carries her food away. I know that some cats have very sensitive whiskers and won’t tolerate any kind of bowl. I also understand that carrying your “prey” to a better place is something instinctive and natural for predators.

WHAT I DON’T GET is why on earth they always have to eat on rugs ?! I’ve lived with Kajsa and Tessa in 4 different apartments, and they have always carried their food to the nearest rug. That being said, they only do that if their food consists of bigger bits. For a while, they liked mashed food, but now they deny any “porridge”. They’re picky eaters, and very good at long-lasting hunger strikes and terrorizing me. And yes, of course I’m totally under the paw.

I got so fed up with cleaning rugs that I gave them their very own “rug”: a bathroom mat which I can wash in the washing machine.

shy cat eats always on the go

They actually accepted the mat and used it as a plate. However, the mat looks stupid in our current living room, and I kind of hoped that they’d stop eating on the carpet at some point… Sigh. Hope is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?


Never Ever

I once swore that I’ll never ever buy a fancy cat bed. For one, I saw way too many funny pictures of cats preferring shabby pizza boxes to expensive cat beds. Second, Tessa and Kajsa like most of my DIY cat beds, at least after I got the hang of it (they’re picky!). Third, I have hardly any money, and I’d rather spend it on high quality food than beds.

Well well. Unfortunately, humans have a tendency to do things they would never ever do, and I’m no exception. I fell in love with these cute cat beds at our local pet store. I was looking at them for months, and then, one day, they were on sale. I got very excited. Even though the reduced price was still pretty expensive to me, I just couldn’t resist.

cat ignores expensive cat bed

I was thrilled when I saw Kajsa using it. Frankly, it felt like winning the lottery – spending my last bucks on an expensive cat bed which at least one of my cats likes!!

Stupid cat uses cat bed once and destroys it

This could have been a sweet story, but you’ve probably already understood that this is not the end of it. I’m glad I got a picture of Kajsa in this bed because it was the only time I ever saw a cat in it. Weeks passed by. I tried the bed in different rooms, nothing happened.

After some months, a friend visited me with her newborn baby. She breastfed her baby boy on the sofa, and when he fell asleep, I had a wonderful idea: could we upgrade the cat bed to an infant bed? Oh yes, he liked it a lot and slept like an angel. Unfortunately, babies are much alike cats in many ways – suddenly, he yakked all the milk on the bed. Sigh.

His mother was very embarrassed, but living with cats means that barf on textiles feels normal, doesn’t it? OK, I probably shouldn’t have said “Oh, that’s great! The cats may actually now use the bed as it smells of milk puke”. My friend couldn’t hide her disturbed face, suggesting that I’m a freak (of course I am!). Well. Tessa showed indeed interest, but never put a paw into the bed.

Eventually, I gave up and sold the bed on Ebay. However, puke doesn’t really trigger Ebay bidders, so in the end I gave it away for free. I just couldn’t stand looking at the bed any more. If there’s any common sense left in my brain – please make that I never ever buy an expensive cat bed again!


Messed Up

Oh yes, I’m a cat who loves rain! Another perk are the seat cushions of our balcony furniture on the sofa.

Too bad that Mom upcycled our old laundry bin to a cushion bin because she “can’t stand the mess on the sofa”. Ahem. Did she just call me “mess” ?

how to store seat cushions when it's raining


Help! Have you ever grown catnip plants?

Total number of catnip plants: 14
Total number of plants my cats find interesting: 0

Staged picture. I put treats on the table to get a picture of Tessa and Kajsa in the jungle.

Their ignorance drives me mad. Why are they not interested?? Any ideas? Does dried catnip smell more intensive than fresh?

Other random questions:

  1. Is it me or does catnip smell a bit like weed?? I thought my neighbors were smoking marijuana until I found out that the smell is actually coming from our apartment.
  2. What is the difference between Nepeta faassenii (blue flowers. Common names catmint / Faassen’s catnip) and Nepeta cataria (white flowers. Common names catnip / catmint)? We have the latter.
  3. Will I ever learn that my cats are spoiled rotten and will ignore most things I do for them?


Curtain Call

Mom finally got herself to do one of the last tasks after moving to a new place: to sew curtains. I don’t really understand why she postponed this for so long, but then again, we all know that humans are screwed up. Chasing threads was great fun, and of course I was also in charge of quality assessment! My job was to control that her stitches withstand all kinds of strains.

And then … something unexpected happened. I found the love of my life! I don’t really know what got into me, but the material of these very curtains was one of most delightful things I’ve ever touched with my paws.

I suffered from serious separation anxiety when Mom hang the curtains. I would often stand on my back legs, gently scratching my curtains and even give them some bities. Mom got so fed up felt so sorry for me that she eventually gave in and bought the same curtains one more time – just for me!

Oh yes, life is good now. This was a well-working compromise: I leave Mom’s curtains in peace, and get to snuggle with my own curtains the way I like.


Cat of Wall Street

Do you remember that Mom called me stupid because I “cannot” solve difficult puzzles? Well, I’m the Cat of Wall Street, and my strategy is purely profit-based: just like humans, I let others do the dirty work.

Talking of stupid … Mom’s so naive and sweet. She locked Tessa out so that I could practice on my own, only to find out that I already knew how to handle the Turn Around toy, hehe. Eventually, Mom bought a second one, thinking that we could simultaneously play with our respective racks.

Well. Why should I work at all? When Tessa’s done with this one, she’ll start working on the second rack (observe the background!), hehe.

Don’t understand why Mom’s annoyed. 1. We use and appreciate something she bought for us. 2. We play together. What’s her problem now?


When the cats move away…

Moving to a new place sounds horrible to most cats, but some things are actually great about moving!

I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but Mom’s been completely exhausted. Which is in a way good because she was too tired to play with us, but had a bad conscience.

To keep us busy, she made us work hard for treats and kibbles. Our favorite game is Hide and Seek: Mom hides kibbles and treats all over the place and we’ll do a long work shift finding each one. Wonder why only dogs take all the glory as drug-sniffing dogs at airports and so on? We sure should be paid much more, but Mom says that dogs don’t get a good salary either. In fact, they’ll probably get less treats when sniffing through hundreds of bags than we get when we play Hide and Seek. Right. Now it makes sense that cats don’t do this job, but leave it to dogs, hehe…

We also loved the packing. So many bags to explore, so many things to spread your fur on! And so much chaos that Mom lost track of bags, had no idea what is where and couldn’t prevent us from digging our way. She packed, we unpacked, she packed, we unpacked … a wonderful game!

Oh, did I mention bags? They also turned up on places where Mom doesn’t normally store bags.

You can also see another important detail on this picture: she quite often forgot to put her phone charger and headphones away, hehehe … Such delightful chewing times!! Mom’s annual budget on headphones is 120€ because of me, but she already spent about 80€ in 2017, and it’s only June!


I want a fish tank, not a bag of towels!

This is me on one of my favorite spots at our old place. I always checked our fish tank when Mom was doing the laundry. And yes, I was sleeping there even though the noise was loud, at least in the beginning. It always started with a warm and vibrating massage, but after an hour the noise became too heavy.

Mom made two big mistakes when signing the lease for our “new” apartment. 1. She forgot to check for squirrels! 2. We don’t have a fish tank anymore!

Bummer. Mom says that our house has a huge laundry room which she can use for free.  Our bathroom is too small for a washing machine, but apparently we don’t need one here…. Bah. What’s about me??

Mom thought she could make it up by offering me a bag full of tumble-dried towels. We didn’t have a dryer at our old place, but she had read somewhere that we cats like tumble-dried clothes. I was of course ignoring her offer. I’m a very busy and important cat, and my duties are enormous, who’s for example doing my balcony duties when I take a dryer break??

Oh, and she seriously doesn’t suggest that I cut down on my extensive litter tray sessions?

I want a fish tank. Not tumble-dried clothes. So I went to have a good nap on the book shelf after the last picture and ignored her “precious” bag.


Recycle Scratching Boards (DIY)

Our delicate claws prefer cardboard scratching pads to sisal posts, so we require that our staff makes sure that we’ve enough cardboard boards for our daily pedicure.

Bad news is that Mom has full control over our credit cards: she’s very economical and restricts parcels from our pet supplies dealer. However, we have to admit that she came up with a great solution to make our scratching boards last longer, so we thought we might share her trick so that your humans have more money for treats and pouch food!

We’re probably not the only cats who only use parts of the pad. We usually only scratch the outer parts.

Mom “saws” our old boards with a bread knife (best saw for cardboard!) and joins unscratched pieces to a new scratching pad.

You don’t need glue to attach these pieces to each other – just squeeze them as tight as possible into a box. Ours stay in place when we scratch, but of course it’s sometimes fun to upgrade one piece to a toy.


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