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New cats on the block

So yes, we had some adventures during our blog break – but not only with trees.

A black cat came to our garden whilst I was outside with Tessa. S/he was whining and blinked excessively with his/her eyes. There were no signs of aggression. I was naïve and seriously thought that Tessa was making friends.

when outdoor cats meet each other

The black cat moved slowly closer to Tessa.

tom cat meets female cat

… and closer

horny tom cat meets neutered female cat

… until s/he suddenly tried to bite Tessa’s neck, but Tessa was faster and run inside.

Seems like our black bandit is a tom cat who wanted to mate with Tessa. I’m however confused, because I’ve read that spayed cats cannot attract male cats. On the other side, it didn’t look like a territorial fight – he was showing her all the time that she’s the boss. I’m now wondering whether Tessa has been neutered correctly? She’s never been in heat though. I’ll see my vet at the latest in February due to vaccinations. I think we can wait until then – Tessa’s never alone outside, and she’s doing fine.

Do you have any experiences or thoughts? I would really appreciate some help here.

Postponed Posts show older stories and pictures. So yes, summer and early autumn are gone, but we had such a long blog break that we need to catch up.

mommy nov2015

Hairball Stocking

Bah. Mom said it was typical that I threw up a hairball on her sheets. I don’t understand why she’s irritated. Why can’t she change the sheets if my tiny hairball bothers her so much? Aha – the construction workers have moved some furniture, and that’s why she can’t open the linen closet?

Even for humans it should be clear that the construction workers are the guilty ones here!

cat pukes on my bed

So I was quite satisfied with myself and chose an excellent place for dessert… Can you guess where I placed the aftermath?

cat pukes on my socks

tessa nov2015

Postponed Posts show older stories and pictures. So yes, the construction work is finally done, but we had such a long blog break that we need to catch up.

A meowing pram

I don’t have a car, but public transportation is very good here. I never felt the urge of getting a car until my girls moved in. For some odd reason, all vets are difficult to reach. Well, not really difficult, but I don’t want to change busses with two cats. I neither want to walk for more than a few minutes with them, so I had to come up with something.

I admit that I’m quite satisfied with myself, because I had a brilliant idea. I bought on Ebay an old pram for 10€ (11$). The closest vet is a 20 minutes’ walk from my place – no problem when I put their carriers in the pram.

how to transport your cat to the vetI love that I can use the pram regardless of the weather. It has a rain cover so my girls won’t get wet. I can cover their carriers with blankets if it’s really cold.

how to transport your cat without a carAnd best of all – you do entertain your neighborhood when you’re taking your cats for a walk!

Bloody tricky ticks

So Detective Mamma has a new enemy: ticks. Sigh. As for fleas: they’re luckily very rare in Finland, so it’s unlikely my girls will catch them.

cat has ticksI sometimes catch those bastards earlier, sometimes later… this fat tick was on the bathroom floor, so Tessa was apparently hosting a guest for several days. Eek. I was a bit naive, I didn’t think of ticks when we started to go out. That’s probably why I didn’t see this one before it was on the floor.

It’d been better if Kajsa was the one who likes to go out, because it’s difficult to spot ticks in Tessa’s fur. Tessa is also really picky about her belly. I manage to search for ticks with my hands, but it’d been easier if I could use my eyes as well.

I’m a newbie to ticks, but so far, the best tool for removing ticks was a lice comb. Ticks are often crawling for 2-3 hours in their search for the perfect spot – I’ve been combing them out before they bite.

I know, there’re several methods to prevent ticks, (more…)

Kajsa’s advices on Cat World Domination Day

CatWorldDomination2015-500So today is Sparkle’s birthday and she definitely nailed this one: her birthday became the Cat World Domination Day! However, Tessa and I chose to keep our birthday a secret from Mamma. We still have our adoption day, and it’s great that she doesn’t know our date of birth – we get to celebrate 365 days a year! (more…)

Kajsa is recovering!

Hallelujah! I had no idea what was waiting me when I decided to get cats! I’m actually quite proud of myself: I wasn’t hysterical yesterday, but stayed calm. I’m definitely progressing – a hairball freaked me out when I took Kajsa and Tessa home, and now I was able to deal with a potential overdose. Thank you, The 3 Cats and Punapippuri for helping me yesterday! And thank you for all your thoughts and prayers, it was great to know that I wasn’t lonely. You really warmed my heart.

First of all and most important: Kajsa is much better!

sick cat recoveringShe ate a lot, more than she normally does. She was stressing me when I made breakfast and was apparently close to starving. At least from a cat’s point of view; humans may think that one full bowl works for breakfast, but she wanted a second before she even touched the first. So we’re back to the normal craziness of living with cats. She has also done some washing today, she was too tired for that yesterday. She’s still a bit weak though and very tired. She tried to play with her ball for 2 minutes, but was too exhausted to catch it. I can tell from her eyes that she’s still sick, but she’s so much better than yesterday! She slept most parts of the day, but she doesn’t want to be alone anymore – my chest was her favorite spot today.

So I think I was doing the right thing yesterday. Punapippuri made an important point: (more…)

Have I given my cats an overdose??

Thank you for all your advice and thoughts! I can’t really answer now, because I’m totally shocked. I’m not sure if the following information is correct, I’m not a vet, so I could have misunderstood something.

Kajsa was feeling very bad today. It started already yesterday, but it got worse today. She hasn’t left my bedroom at all. She has been laying on my pillow the whole day and is almost apathetic. She does react to sounds, but she’s too tired to care.

I’ve just read the package insert of the pills, and I’m shocked. I did see that those pills were for dogs, but the vet gave me these pills, so I trusted her. I just found out that the pills for dogs are 4 times as strong as the ones for cats, so I have given them an overdose. No wonder Kajsa is feeling bad! Tessa is surprisingly well, even though she was the one who immediately reacted to the pills. She’s been playing the whole day and is absolutely fine. (more…)

The pills from hell – our Poopy Battle

oriprim forte vetI haven’t updated you on our poopy situation because I was so fed up that I didn’t want to talk about it. The lab results came eventually and revealed that they had oocysts in their poop. As far as I understood, this means that they have/had  Apicomplexa, a parasite. Like Giardia this parasite doesn’t always cause symptoms, so they’ve most likely had it for a longer time. The vet assumes that the stress of moving to my place has triggered the outburst. This diagnosis also explains why the diarrhea actually stopped by itself, because cats can sometimes handle this parasite on their own.

The shelter warned me that it was extremely difficult to give these pills; they even recommended that I would return my girls for 2 weeks to the shelter! (more…)

Symbiotic Sunday Selfie

funny selfies with cats

We’re still waiting for the ‘poopy lab results’, but the vet said that their ears are better – no ear mites, no bacteria! Their ears are still dirty though, so we’ll continue with our joyful daily ear cleaning ritual.

Cat4-001A blog hop is a specific topic bloggers write about on a certain day. The blog hop (hopping from one blog to another) collects all links, and makes it easy to see how others have interpreted this topic. This posting was part of The Cat On My Head’s blog hop Selfie Sunday.

Poopy Post. Our diarrhea journey

I write a diary to keep track of their diarrhea and medical treatment. However, I thought it might be a good idea to write a summary as well.

Before it gets too confusing: they also have issues with their ears, but I believe that this is not related to their diarrhea – they had ear problems long before their diarrhea started. They had ear mites at the shelter. The vet confirmed on May 11th that they don’t have ear mites anymore, but now an ear infection (bacterial). They got antibiotic ear drops for 2 weeks, additionally to the daily ear cleaning.


  • Biobak (Lactobacillus in English? / probiotics and vitamins). Helps to regulate the stomach, especially during antibiotic treatment). Starting May 7th
  • Tylosin (antibiotics) May 11th – May 23rd. 120 mg (60 mg in the morning, 60 mg in the evening)
  • Axilur (deworming) May 21st – May 26th. 250 mg
  • Ears: Canofite (antibiotics) 5 drops / ear twice a day (+ ear cleaning)


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