Cat food

The Feast

We were very impressed by the servants of Mr. Shy and Mr. Very Shy – just look at this epic all-you-can-eat buffet!

cat buffet for injurec cat

5 different sorts of kibble and wet food on a normal day – their humans have an ordinary 8 hours workday. Now that’s a decent service standard for feline rulers!

(Hehe, and of course all bowls were still untouched when our human got to their place, about 4 hours after their staff had left the house. These guys sure know how to keep their humans worried and on their toes!)


Cat vs Human

Hard to believe, but somebody actually asked me for advice after showing the video of Tessa ignoring my feeding arrangements!

I use a desk pad from IKEA as a mat for food bowls, and I’m very satisfied with it – perfect size, easy to clean and cheaper than the mats I’ve seen at local pet stores. Its bottom is corrugated and makes the mat sticky without damaging the floor.

protection to put under bowl of pet food

Well. The best mat doesn’t help when your cat carries her food away. I know that some cats have very sensitive whiskers and won’t tolerate any kind of bowl. I also understand that carrying your “prey” to a better place is something instinctive and natural for predators.

WHAT I DON’T GET is why on earth they always have to eat on rugs ?! I’ve lived with Kajsa and Tessa in 4 different apartments, and they have always carried their food to the nearest rug. That being said, they only do that if their food consists of bigger bits. For a while, they liked mashed food, but now they deny any “porridge”. They’re picky eaters, and very good at long-lasting hunger strikes and terrorizing me. And yes, of course I’m totally under the paw.

I got so fed up with cleaning rugs that I gave them their very own “rug”: a bathroom mat which I can wash in the washing machine.

shy cat eats always on the go

They actually accepted the mat and used it as a plate. However, the mat looks stupid in our current living room, and I kind of hoped that they’d stop eating on the carpet at some point… Sigh. Hope is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?


Cat Logic : How to eat cat food


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Action for Catisfaction

Did you know that Dreamies / Temptations are called Catisfaction in Germany? A funny name, but we’re not satisfied as long as this bag is closed.

Now that’s better.

Hmpf. Stupid Kajsa doesn’t want me to sniff.

Attack! Stupid Tessa is still on the table!

Hehe. It’s always the same with Kajsa. When our Queen of Drama gets annoyed, she throws a tantrum and disappears to sulk somewhere. It doesn’t matter what she was initially fighting for; a toy, Mom’s chest, the closet, treats…. She gets so angry that she doesn’t want it anymore.

So let’s get to the important part here…


Fish Oil

salmon oil for cats I’m in general pretty good at doing things I find disgusting. Cleaning a shower drain from hair? Feline and human excrements? No problem.

For a long time, I had only dog poop (seriously, this is one of the reasons why I’d never get a dog) on my “hello gag reflex” list … until I ordered salmon oil. Believe me, Finnish is known for its great variety of swearwords, but non of them described what I felt when I opened this bottle.

The fish oil was to help my cats with hairballs. Both love butter and olive oil, but I thought that salmon oil would be even better because cats can’t utilize vegetable fat and proteins. Although I eat mainly vegetarian food, bloody offals don’t disgust me. I’d like to feed BARF (a raw food diet) in the long run, and started giving them fresh meat and offals. That being said, I won’t buy salmon oil again. I was glad when it finally expired in January – I gagged every time I saw this bottle in my fridge. Which is weird, because I didn’t mind storing feline diarrhea for the lab last summer. Fish oil is definitely worse than diarrhea!

So we’ll go back to butter every now and then. Have you ever tried fish oil? I still think it’s a great alternative to butter. Tessa and Kajsa loved it, and it’s a useful supplement for our carnivores.

mommy nov2015

Review: Thrive Premium Plus Dry Food

This is not a sponsored post.

My cats eat normally only wet food. I give dry food as treats, at special occasions and in so-called Interactive Toys. I like the ingredients of Thrive Dry Food, and the girls are toally crazy about it: I can even use Thrive kibbles for our clicker training!

thrive dry food cats



Dried chicken meat (64.5%), fresh chicken (16.5%), chicken fat (6%), sweet potato, potato, chicken gravy (3%), vitamins and minerals, salmon oil

Chicken with turkey
Dried chicken (52%), dried turkey (13%), freshly prepared chicken (13%), chicken fat (6%), potato, sweet potato, freshly prepared turkey (4%), chicken gravy (3%), minerals, vitamins, salmon oil


Feeding guide


Please weigh the kibbles – you’ll probably be surprised how little you need. Please note: I don’t recommend to feed only dry food. I give kibbles as treats, not as a meal.



800 gr – 11€ (28 oz – 12$).

It’s one of the cheapest high quality brands I’ve found, and I’m wondering if I’ve overseen something? A month costs 22€ / 24$ according to the feeding guide for an average cat. That’s about 0,70€ / 0,80$ a day.



I haven’t seen any other dry food with such a high meat  percentage. So at first glance, Thrive is both cheaper and better than other high-quality brands.

Tessa and Kajsa love both flavors, but I see at least one significant difference: meat is only listed in Thrive Chicken. That makes me wonder how much (and which) meat-by-products other components contain. However, even if “chicken” and “turkey” were mostly meat-by-products, Thrive dry food would still be better than most other brands. I’d recommend to buy Thrive Chicken instead of Thrive Chicken and Turkey, because Thrive Chicken consists of 64% meat: the manufacturer didn’t specify other components.

Please note: I’m not an expert on cat food. I’ve spent a lot of time on this post, but I can’t guarantee that this information is correct. I’d love to hear your input here!


mommy nov2015

Secretive Selfie Sunday

DAMN. Mamma found out about our special deal with granny. Granny has to go to the bathroom quite often whilst Mamma’s sleeping tight. If we look very hungry, she’d always give us some of our beloved dry food.

kittens or puppies

Mamma’s giggling whilst I’m taking my selfies. She says she has a secret too. Bah. I don’t understand what’s so funny about my pictures, but I don’t care – I want my night snack back!

kitten or puppy

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Pöh! Why humans shouldn’t talk to each other

cat licking her noseSo Mamma has been busy and not writing on her our blog. We think she should focus on making us more public, because we are the Queens of Finland (S), and we need to get the word out!

At first glance we were delighted that Punapippuri’s Äiti came over to Helsinki. After all, Punapippuri is an established and well-known celebrity and the King of Finland (N). He gets to post every day, so we hoped that Äiti would make Mamma letting us blog more often. We also remembered the parcel we got from Äiti, and we were not mistaken – she brought us a lot of treats! Hehe, our stingy Mamma gave them treats we had rejected whilst we got treats the Northern gang likes as well. So we think this one is on us!

We liked Äiti and hung out with her, because we didn’t until later see the damage she had done. Mamma was always thinking that we were too tiny, and she was afraid we didn’t eat enough. This awful Äiti told Mamma that we are in perfect shape! Now of course we knew we were (we are most gorgeous), but this was a secret Mamma didn’t need to know. She is no longer worried that we’ll starve, and you can probably guess that this is no good. Mamma has stopped giving us different food when we don’t eat the one on our plates. At least not until our next meal time. Why do humans need to give advises to each other?? Mamma was the perfect slave! We now understand why Punapippuri says so often pöh on his blog. That’s exactly how we feel today. PÖH!

But we got at least our paws down on the blog thing. We’ve some upcoming posts, so the blog break is over. Pöh.

It works every time. Being your cats’ foolish servant.

cats occupy my bedThey wake me up. They stress me until I give up and go downstairs. They hurry me whilst I’m in the bathroom. They sit hungry in front of their bowls. I’ve problems mixing their food with probiotics, because they already start eating. I put the food on the floor, they start fighting. Needless to say that they’ve two bowls, both want to eat from the same.

I make my breakfast. Their own food isn’t interesting anymore; both try to eat from my plate. They walk on my keyboard and try to distract me as much as they can. Their own food is untouched.

They go upstairs and stay for some hours on my bed. Their mission is accomplished: they’ve stressed and bossed me around, and now they’ve my bed for themselves. Indeed, my bed is far too small for two cats and one human.

They come eventually downstairs and eat all the food – it’s not that they didn’t like it; they just don’t want to eat it right away. They’ll however starve if I don’t feed them early in the morning.


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