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Thank you for the music

One of the reasons we had blog breaks in the past was the time I spend in the blogging community. I’ve no idea how you’re all doing it, reading so many blogs every day, commenting, Facebook, Twitter, you name it … This time around, I’ve promised myself to keep focus: to post (almost) every day.

Thank you so much for commenting on our posts, I’m very flattered and appreciate each and every one of them. The reason why I don’t comment every day on your blogs is that it is simply too much. I’ve quite a different life now and don’t have so much time anymore.

nice selfie with my cat

I know that the blogging business is often “comment for comment” / “share for share”, and that is completely fine: I’m neither angry nor disappointed if you don’t have time to hang around here anymore, even though I’d miss you 😉


foolish servant to cats

Celebrating the joy King Punapippuri shared with us

I’m sure many of you have read the sad news from Finland (N) – sadly, King Punapippuri passed away. His human, Äiti, is one of the wisest humans I’ve ever met, and her posting on Punapippuri’s death is no exception.

Please, as soon as you can move through the shock, celebrate his life and feel joy for what he shared with us. He brought me friends from across the world and enriched my small life far more than I could ever have imagined.

We’ll spend today celebrating King P. – that’s how we used to call him. When I was a hysterical newbie, Äiti became my mentor. I had never had cats in my life. I didn’t know what hairballs are, that it’s not the end of the world when they don’t poop every day, that them denying food didn’t mean that they’d die tonight. It was a crazy summer, and I was so thankful to have someone in Finland to help me. I’ll never forget the evening when I was afraid that Kajsa may die of an overdose, and Äiti called to help me through the night.

Some of you may remember my early posts: analytical and focused on cats and mental health; rather an informative blog than a diary. What I didn’t expect was the community feeling that comes along with a blog, and all the sudden, our blog was not an informative blog on cats and mental health anymore. Punapippuri was a very big part of this community. I saw Punapippuri’s blog in my Facebook feed one day – how funny that Äiti and I were both foreigners in Finland, blogging in English about cats! Keep in mind that Finland’s population is only 5 million (plus 1 – Äiti became a Finnish citizen this year!).

Punapippuri advised the girls on how to make me a perfect servant, and sent us gifts and treats. Äiti and I met twice in Helsinki. We wish you all the best, Punapippuri, and we’re sure that you are now reunited with Veli Stran.

Here are some pictures and posts about the joy King P. brought into our life.

Less than a month living with me, Tessa and Kajsa already got their very first presents!


Followed by many other gifts!

Christmas presents wrapped in paper with birdies!!!

Polliwogs for Jolly Mogs !! One of the greatest letters ever!


Äiti taught Mom how clicker training works. Well, at least in theory, hehe.

Most recently, Äiti designed our catio!


Plus many more stories, but we’ll stop writing now and rather play with some of the toys we got from Punapippuri.


Long time no see

Should our human be ashamed? Definitely! We didn’t get to post our pictures and opinions for a long time! That’s not how social media are working, aren’t they? When you’re offline, you’re gone. And then some new kitty turns up, takes your place and thinks she’s most beautiful which is of course all wrong – but how is she supposed to know if she’s not seen our gracious looks and heard of our powerful realm?

However, we need Mom’s thumbs to type this posting, so I helped her cover up. And aren’t our tails a perfect match? Then again… I never got why she calls her tail ponytail. Eh? Human logic, anyone?

Our typist has promised to post regularly from now on, and she’ll eventually start commenting on your blogs again. To be fair – her 2017 was horrible so far. Serious illness and death in her family, termination of our tenancy agreement (and we were AGAIN forced to move), serious water damage in our new apartment followed by weeks of heavy construction work, financial troubles and a lot of stuff in her private life, too. So I guess she had all reason being too tired to work on our blog, but then again … we’ve also suffered a lot, and we’d have loved to complain on our diary here. Bah.


When The Makeover’s Away…

Thank Cat Mom is normally not into photoshopping; I know at least one certain black Britcat who suffers from his human’s Photoshop addiction. However, I like my mighty paw on this picture – I’m a strong and dangerous Finnish girlcat, and everybody should be aware of my terror paw.

dangerous cats

So I encouraged Mom to participate for the first time in Caturday Art, but little did I know… I didn’t want her to show the original picture, revealing that I was just playing with a wand toy in my tunnel. Sigh.

cat is playing in a tunnel


tessa nov2015


A blog hop is a specific topic bloggers write about on a certain day. The blog hop (hopping from one blog to another) collects all links, and makes it easy to see how others have interpreted this topic. This posting is part of Athena and Marie’s blog hop Caturday Art.

Feline Domestic Politics

Feline friends! If you’re not reading a lot of cat blogs, this post will be confusing. Short version: Don’t read and comment on too many cat blogs!

Long version: The self-proclaimed king of Finland (N), Punapippuri and I, the Queen of Finland (S), had a political controversy. One member of his family, Veikko, is a sphynx. Despite his young age, he’s got a lot of wrinkles. My Mom has been wondering whether my skin is as wrinkly as his. Good for her, but she’s threatened to shave me if I don’t let her sense my skin!!! So I thought I could rely on my colleague Punapippuri, and asked him to stop showing pictures of Veikko.

I realize now that I put him in a difficult position. Veikko is one of his subjects, so of course he has to prioritize him. He said that he won’t stop showing pictures of Veikko. Fair enough, but then he lost it and wrote “Send us a photo Kajsa! Hehehehehe.”

cat is up to no goodI got ready for a fight and asked for Aila’s contact details. Punapippuri is afraid of this brave girlcat, and I knew she’d help me out.

I also asked for King Spitty the Kitty’s advice.

Here’s what you need: A map of Northern Europe–or better yet, the entire GLOBE. Pose upon it with a LARGE PAW (claws extended is best) plopped right down over Finland(N). It makes him CRAZY. Honestly, he is *SO* insecure. It takes very little for him to feel threatened. I say Go for it. Do not allow your Human anywhere near you with a razor. If you follow this advice, you should be safe.

However, before I could show Punapippuri this brave picture of me, a map of Finland (N) with my paws, or talk to Aila, he’s been apologizing. Accepted.

Now to the shaving part: if Mom can’t sense my skin because I’m moving too much, she won’t be able to shave me. UNLESS she’s investing in a vet. And we know that she won’t go that far.

So Punapippuri – bring those wrinkly pictures on: it drives Mom crazy that she doesn’t know how wrinkly we are!!!

kajsa nov2015


Dear feline friends,

we’ll be back on track at the end of this week!

We still need some time to get ready, but we’ll see you at the Sunday Selfies! Mom also wants to share some boring bla-bla-bla information about administrative blog stuff, gah. So she’ll do that on Friday or Saturday, because Kajsa and I are going to take over on Sunday!

cats are hiding and spy

So long!

The Cats Who Are No Longer Away

P.S. We missed you!

Back To School

cat searching for miceOne weekend later and I’m still too tired. I need all my spare time to relax, watch silly tv shows, and, most important, spend a lot of time with Kajsa and Tessa.

Real life is always more important than a blog, and I don’t have much energy left. I’m sure that most bloggers know what I’m talking about. I decided to take a “longer” break (don’t know for how long, I assume 2-3 weeks?), and be “really back” when I’m back: a longer break now, but regular posts after the break.

Thank you for visiting us, and I’m looking forward to write new posts when I’m back!

I’ve to link to a sad posting now: Ellen’s Lucy has gone over the Rainbow Bridge, and I’m very sorry for her loss.

Pöh! Why humans shouldn’t talk to each other

cat licking her noseSo Mamma has been busy and not writing on her our blog. We think she should focus on making us more public, because we are the Queens of Finland (S), and we need to get the word out!

At first glance we were delighted that Punapippuri’s Äiti came over to Helsinki. After all, Punapippuri is an established and well-known celebrity and the King of Finland (N). He gets to post every day, so we hoped that Äiti would make Mamma letting us blog more often. We also remembered the parcel we got from Äiti, and we were not mistaken – she brought us a lot of treats! Hehe, our stingy Mamma gave them treats we had rejected whilst we got treats the Northern gang likes as well. So we think this one is on us!

We liked Äiti and hung out with her, because we didn’t until later see the damage she had done. Mamma was always thinking that we were too tiny, and she was afraid we didn’t eat enough. This awful Äiti told Mamma that we are in perfect shape! Now of course we knew we were (we are most gorgeous), but this was a secret Mamma didn’t need to know. She is no longer worried that we’ll starve, and you can probably guess that this is no good. Mamma has stopped giving us different food when we don’t eat the one on our plates. At least not until our next meal time. Why do humans need to give advises to each other?? Mamma was the perfect slave! We now understand why Punapippuri says so often pöh on his blog. That’s exactly how we feel today. PÖH!

But we got at least our paws down on the blog thing. We’ve some upcoming posts, so the blog break is over. Pöh.

Being the Tower of Babel – my linguistic background

So here we go – I never wanted to write off topic posts, but bear with me: some of my wonderful readers have been asking me about my linguistic background. It’s a bit complicated, so I thought it’d be easier to write a seperate post. I didn’t write this post to justify myself, it’s just so much easier to write one post than long comments! I appreciate when you’re helping me with my English, but don’t feel obliged to do so.

First of all: Finland is a bilingual country. Finnish is the language of the vast majority, but Swedish is an official national language as well. You can read more about the Finland Swedish minority on Wikipedia.

So far, so good, but now it gets complicated. I’m dealing with 4 to 6 languages in my everyday life. 4-6? (more…)

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