VERY weird human behavior

Dear feline friends,

we all know that humans are weird, but Mamma’s new hobby is beyond imagination. Her shrink is on a holiday and we’re struggling to survive. Here’s what happened:

  1. A company prints a picture and destroys it.
    So far, so good, we felines understand the pleasure of destruction.
  2. Mamma buys the broken picture and spends a lot of time repairing it.
    Eh… ???
  3. We mustn’t touch it AT ALL, because she’s afraid we’ll ruin her work.
    But why did she buy 1500 pieces in the first place when she wants one big piece??
  4. Once she’s done, she’s very proud. And destroys it again. We’re not allowed to help her, because she’s afraid that one piece will be missing when the next human repairs the picture again.
    Do you really need a comment on this one?

jan van haasteren puzzle

I did my best to get my paws on that thing and tried several techniques. I studied the original picture carefully, and pretended that I want to help Mamma.

cat wants to destroy puzzle

I was sitting for hours on the chair next to hers; pretending that I just want to keep her company.

cat wants to play as well

… and then this damn short-haired cat showed up. Kajsa is so stupid – she had her great chance to mess things up whilst Mamma was busy taking pictures, but she didn’t.

cats and puzzle games

But the jury is still out – Mamma has two more boxes full of pieces in the forbidden closet.