B as in Bedroom – a murder scene

3 weeks to go!! My cats Kajsa and Tessa are having their next health check on April 21st. If the ear mites are gone, I can take them home on April 22nd – in exactly three (long) weeks!

Huh huh. So many things to think about, so many feelings involved. It’d be great if I was thinking rationally, but my brain is catified and (temporarily?) out of order. I’m so much looking forward to getting my cats! Isn’t it wonderful living with your feline friends, day and night? Uah, slow down, human! Day and night?

Heart: Of course! It’s so cozy when they’re sleeping in my bed!
Brain: Are you sure? Many cats are nocturnal!
Heart: That’s what they say. But Ellen Pitch has 15 cats, and all of them are sleeping at night!
Brain: Well. Could be some group pressure. Do you remember your own experiences?
Heart: Lalalalala! I can’t hear you!
Brain: Let me recall your week with Valdo.

crazy catValdo is a crazy cat who lives in the family of my friend Rachel. We don’t know what his name means, because Rachel’s teenage daughter named him. I wouldn’t be surprised though if his full name was Voldemort.

Rachel’s family was going for a holiday and I asked if I could become Valdo’s cat sitter. I was a bit surprised myself, because after all, I wasn’t into cats. It felt like an instinct and I suddenly realized how much I like cats.

Everything seemed to be fine when Valdo came to my place. He was hiding for about 30 minutes, but understood quickly that he had come to a cat paradise. A strange old big house with lots of stuff, and a human who would spoil him rotten. It was really nice laying on the sofa cuddling with him and I thought it’d be so cozy to share my bed with Valdo.

He was still discovering the house when I went to bed. I was half-sleeping when he joined me. Valdo decided to go some circles. Along the wall, behind my head and then back to the end of my bed. After a while, he got curious about the cat in my sleeping roomshelf. He started jumping from the shelf over my head to the wall. I felt the bumping and tried to figure out what was going on. Valdo jumped back to the shelf and felled all my books. BOING.

I was terrified and sat up. Valdo got also scared and jumped on my chest. Very sweet that he was seeking shelter, but I became even more terrified: undefined heavy noise, followed by someone jumping on me and feeling his claws on my skin… I had forgotten about the damn cat and thought that someone was going to murder me. I screamed for help. Valdo joined me and meowed all he could. Believe me – hearing his meowing was such a relief. Hallelujah. Turned out, however, that he blamed me !?! Apparently, it was my fault that I put books on a shelf he wanted to play with. Well, it’s all about perspective, isn’t it?

Late night jumping seems to be a fun game for many cats. My personal quota is 2/3: out of three cats, two scared me to death with nightly jump sessions. Do you remember Jeanny who was jumping on my belly? I must have lost my mind, but I still won’t close the door of my bedroom at night.