Cat vs Human

Hard to believe, but somebody actually asked me for advice after showing the video of Tessa ignoring my feeding arrangements!

I use a desk pad from IKEA as a mat for food bowls, and I’m very satisfied with it – perfect size, easy to clean and cheaper than the mats I’ve seen at local pet stores. Its bottom is corrugated and makes the mat sticky without damaging the floor.

protection to put under bowl of pet food

Well. The best mat doesn’t help when your cat carries her food away. I know that some cats have very sensitive whiskers and won’t tolerate any kind of bowl. I also understand that carrying your “prey” to a better place is something instinctive and natural for predators.

WHAT I DON’T GET is why on earth they always have to eat on rugs ?! I’ve lived with Kajsa and Tessa in 4 different apartments, and they have always carried their food to the nearest rug. That being said, they only do that if their food consists of bigger bits. For a while, they liked mashed food, but now they deny any “porridge”. They’re picky eaters, and very good at long-lasting hunger strikes and terrorizing me. And yes, of course I’m totally under the paw.

I got so fed up with cleaning rugs that I gave them their very own “rug”: a bathroom mat which I can wash in the washing machine.

shy cat eats always on the go

They actually accepted the mat and used it as a plate. However, the mat looks stupid in our current living room, and I kind of hoped that they’d stop eating on the carpet at some point… Sigh. Hope is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?