Cat vs dog 2:0

This dog training is going better than we thought. Intruder Boyfriend and Intruder Dog came over yesterday – our silly human hopes that we’ll all become friends eventually. Wonder what “eventually” means in her world? 20 years? Intruder Boyfriend and his stupid dog visited us several times over the last month, and we weren’t exactly nice to Intruder Dog.

But yesterday was a great day! When Intruder Dog got inside, our human felt nauseous – turned out that “number 2” was very liquid and all over his fur. Mr. Boyfriend got him to the balcony and closed the door. So the dog stayed outside in the snows while the humans discussed whether he should get to the vet. Intruder dog and boyfriend left after 30 minutes.

dog can't get in because he smells

Ha ha ha. Ok, Intruder Dog loves the cold and didn’t mind being on the balcony, but he got locked out! Seems like our human finally understood that dogs aren’t pets?

Now that’s a compromise we can live with – Intruder Dog may stay on the balcony as long as it’s cold, but he better finds another prison over summer.