On Watch

l hope you all had a great weekend. I’m a bit exhausted because I was very busy with my guarding duties. I’m glad the human went to work today, so I don’t have to protect her all the time.

cat is guarding the house

To be fair – she really tried to make herself useful as she finally got animal tracking books from our library. Mom was very proud of her detective skills when she identified footprints from Leporidae. However, she forgot to measure the size, and doesn’t know whether these belong to a wild rabbit or a hare.

Leporidae footprints in snow hare or rabbit

Sigh. I’m afraid she’ll never become a great hunter. In the opposite to a certain brave, strong and talented predator!

close up cat paws in snow

It’s strange though – Mom thinks that this feline predator doesn’t really know what she’s doing?

cat paws in snow

Eventually, Kajsa joined us, and the felines finally outnumbered humans again.

cats are greeting each other in the snow


tessa nov2015