Pöh! Why humans shouldn’t talk to each other

cat licking her noseSo Mamma has been busy and not writing on her our blog. We think she should focus on making us more public, because we are the Queens of Finland (S), and we need to get the word out!

At first glance we were delighted that Punapippuri’s Äiti came over to Helsinki. After all, Punapippuri is an established and well-known celebrity and the King of Finland (N). He gets to post every day, so we hoped that Äiti would make Mamma letting us blog more often. We also remembered the parcel we got from Äiti, and we were not mistaken – she brought us a lot of treats! Hehe, our stingy Mamma gave them treats we had rejected whilst we got treats the Northern gang likes as well. So we think this one is on us!

We liked Äiti and hung out with her, because we didn’t until later see the damage she had done. Mamma was always thinking that we were too tiny, and she was afraid we didn’t eat enough. This awful Äiti told Mamma that we are in perfect shape! Now of course we knew we were (we are most gorgeous), but this was a secret Mamma didn’t need to know. She is no longer worried that we’ll starve, and you can probably guess that this is no good. Mamma has stopped giving us different food when we don’t eat the one on our plates. At least not until our next meal time. Why do humans need to give advises to each other?? Mamma was the perfect slave! We now understand why Punapippuri says so often pöh on his blog. That’s exactly how we feel today. PÖH!

But we got at least our paws down on the blog thing. We’ve some upcoming posts, so the blog break is over. Pöh.