Our new home

how cats feel after flying Dear feline friends, please be very careful if your human is an immigrant. Those damn foreigners! Mamma was becoming all patriotic, and travelled to her country of origin. Good for her, but why did she take us with her?? We were perfectly happy in Finland!

It gets even worse – she’s neglecting us our freedom of speech! I’d like to write a long post on our trauma, but Mamma says she doesn’t want to blog all day. After all, she came to Germany to hang out with her family, and not with her computer. Bah! Ok, she’s promised that we get to blog every day, but that’s not enough!

I don’t know her password (unbelievable, it’s neither Tessa is most beautiful nor I love Tessa more than Kajsa), so I’ve to wait, and make sure to be prepared for tomorrow’s post.

adorable sweet cat
Don’t tell Mamma: we’re actually quite happy here. We’ve got 2 more servants, and we are already thinking about staying here forever. Mamma’s parents spoil us rotten; we get a lot of attention and treats. They also bought us wonderful supplies – I love our new scratching surfaces!

katze schläft auf kratzbrettI made sure to deny food to keep Mamma worried. Kajsa is too weak, she’s been eating today. Bah. And it gets even worse! Have a look at this one, she’s playing it way too easy: she’s already cuddling with granny!

cat accepts new family members

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