The Cat In My Hair

The 1st of Mai is a colorful and cheerful day in Finland. Many people go out on Walpurgis Night (April 30th). On Mai 1st, we have traditional picnics in parks (regardless the weather, and yes, it’s often cold and rainy). I’ve always loved Vappu (that’s what we call the 1st of Mai). Unlike other celebrations, there aren’t any obligations, people are just gathering and having fun. I’m having difficulties with parties because of my mental health situation, but I’ve always tried to join my friends for some hours.

I bought Vappu decoration the other day, thinking that my cats would love to play with it. Well. It wasn’t a big success, but Tessa warmed up eventually.

kissa vappuna

I love to do my hair, and I’m known for my colorful hairdo on Vappu. This year’s version is quite simple (at least in comparison to the last years) and I blame Tessa. The lock of my bathroom door is broken: you can close the door, but the lock doesn’t work. This means that you don’t need to use the door handle, it’s enough to pull the door. I never had a problem with the broken lock – until I got cats, because they know how to open the door. Trouble is: I need the bathroom mirror to braid my hair.

Sigh. Tessa thought it was great fun that I played with her in the bathroom. She loved the gift ribbons I used for my braids. I tried to distract her with her very own ribbon, but it didn’t take long until she realized that mine were much more fun.

cat disturbs me in bathroom

Kajsa was sleeping in my bedroom and missed the fun, but Tessa and I had a really wonderful time together. She jumped and tried to catch the ribbons whilst I was braiding. Again a great potential YouTube video, but I didn’t have any hand left.

My braids were messy and I had to make a bun. Given the circumstances, my hairdo turned out well. Hmpf.

kampaus vappuna
“Below” is this week’s topic on the 52 Snapshots of Life blog hop. Indeed, I had some troubles “from below” today, when I tried to avoid Tessa.

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