Weekly review – week 18 (2015) and Sunday Selfie

Our first week together

Tada! I’m proud – I only freaked out once this week, because Tessa was gagging a couple of times. Apart from that, we were enjoying some precious moments and a parcel full of gifts and treats! This was definitely Tessa’s week: she stole treats and styled my hair. The A to Z challenge ended on Thursday and I took a break yesterday; I needed a blog-free day. I promised to write about Tessa and the stove, but I’ll catch up next week.

Our relationship has improved: in the beginning, Tessa and Kajsa spent a lot of their time upstairs, but they are more and more hanging out with me. Tessa has changed a bit. She was always the one who wanted to play, but she didn’t like to cuddle with me. She’s been joining me on the sofa recently and wanted me to pet her.

Cats and Mental Health

Do you remember my messy kitchen? I was wondering whether my cats will help me to keep my place clean, and the answer is positive: yes, they really do. Tessa is delighted when she finds any food or dirty dishes, so I need to put everything away. Immediately. Have a look at the selfie pictures: that’s how tidy my kitchen is today!

Blogger of the week

King Punapippuri certainly knows how to rule my blog, because he is again my blogger of the week. Thank you for the lovely gifts and treats! We really enjoyed your parcel!

Selfie Sunday

Mamma: Tessa? It’s Selfie Sunday, do you mind taking a selfie?
Tessa: I’m busy, leave me alone

cat loves dishwasher

Mamma: Ok, I’ll ask Kajsa.
Tessa: WAIT! I’m the Queen of Selfies here! Kajsa is too stupid for selfies. Give me the camera!

sunday selfie

Tessa: Here you go. Now leave me alone, I’m in the middle of something.

cats and dishwashers

Wondering what she’s doing? Well – I’ve found the perfect cat entertainment. Tessa loves the sound of the dishwasher, and she’ll be sitting there for the next 2 hours. She’s convinced that a mouse is living in the pipe between the sink and the washer.

Kajsa: WAIT! Tessa has been making fun of me because of my bad selfies. However, she isn’t a natural either; I really enjoyed her selfie today. Why does Mamma only show the good one?

bad selfie____________________________

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