Y as in You-Tube. Being the clown in your cats’ show

Wordless Wednesday: what happened with the treats we got from Punapippuri?

cat steals food

cat fools human I was sitting on the chair with my back towards the window. Tessa sat in front of me, Kajsa was inside the box. I opened the package, put it on the table and took some treats in my hand. I couldn’t see Tessa anymore and assumed that she had joined Kajsa in the box. I bend down and held my hand in front of the box.

No reaction. At least not from Kajsa who was still sitting in the box. Someone else, however, jumped from the window board onto the table, took the package and jumped down. This all happened so fast that I didn’t understand what was going on: I was very surprised to see Tessa on the floor.

Now, what to do? It had been best to take the treats away and show Tessa that I didn’t accept her behavior. I’m really far too soft-hearted; I took a picture of my little robber instead.

This had been an excellent YouTube clip, but you never record the funny moments, do you? Besides, I can’t use my camera at the moment, because I forgot its memory card on the kitchen table. It’s probably no surprise to my experienced readers that this card has disappeared. Detective Mamma has two prime suspects, but they aren’t cooperating. This tiny small SD card could be just anywhere. Sigh.

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