United We Hunt

Our stupid human is amazed that she always finds new footprints in our garden. Isn’t it sweet that she needs snow to understand that we’re invaded by enemies EVERY DAY? She wants to get a book to identify our “visitors”.

cat walks in snow

But ok, I don’t want to complain: it’s about time that she helps us with our hunting duties! It’s of course silly that she needs a book, but whatever helps her prey… So I left her alone with her footprints because I wanted poultry for dinner.

cat camoflage on trees

I swear I saw a blue tit on this branch! It’s so annoying that they always fly to another tree as soon as I climb up.

cat climbs on snowy trees

And then I have to climb down this tree (please note the snow on the branch, I’m so brave and talented!), and get up another tree… can you believe that they often fly back to the first tree when I finally get there?

cat cimbs on branches with snow

Mom says that I’ll never get poultry this way, but who’s she to say something? I mean, she doesn’t even know what she’s hunting before she gets to a library???

I decided to focus for now on the vegetarian part of our diet. Have a look at this immense plant pot! I can totally imagine our cat nip plants there! Mom had objections, but I ignored her and enjoyed the sun: you gotta take a break every now and then.

cat sunbathes in snow

NOW stop taking pictures and get me some treats!

thoughtful cat in snow


tessa nov2015