We’re coming for you, German cats!

By the way – my trip to Germany wasn’t my first flight. I was travelling to Canada earlier this week to celebrate Canada Day become even more powerful. I visited the Cats From Hell, and they conferred their title on me! So now I’m a Cat From Hell myself!! You’re wondering how I made this happen? Well, I participated in their weekly Finish the Sentence Game and I won! My sentence was I also want to become a Cat From Hell, so on my visit to Canada, you’ve to bestow this title on me!

Cat from HellSo… now to the important part. Kajsa and I are having great plans – we want to enlarge our kingdom. So you German cats, deutsche Katzen, watch out, Achtung! The Queens of Finland (S) entered your country at Düsseldorf International Airport on Friday, and our claws are feeling twitchy.* Remember, I’m not only a queen, but also a Cat from Hell!

I made sure to become even stronger and ate for the first time on German soil. Mamma was so happy to see me eating, but she doesn’t know WHY I ate. Don’t tell her – she likes her parents’ neighbors a lot. They’ve got 3 cats, so I think we’ll start from there.

*Was Spitty in Finland after all and infected us?? Mamma says we’re copycats, because King Spitty had a similar post on Finland. Pfft.

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