The green armchair

Why this place is better than ours, Part I

I know, Kajsa said that she wants to go home, but I’m not too sure. One of the great benefits of our vacation home is its variety of furniture. Dear feline friends, do you have your own armchair? I’ve never seen a human sitting on this chair, so I assume that grandpa bought it for me.

cat has her own chair

It’s great that Mamma will ship this chair to Finland when we’re going back, because it’s rude to leave gifts behind, isn’t it?

cat on armchair

If only Kajsa understood that this is MY chair! Look at those evil eyes!! I think Mamma should protect me and make Kajsa go away! Mamma says that  we have to handle our conflicts ourselves. I don’t agree. Granny told us that our Mom hated this sentence when she was a child, so why on earth is she now doing the same??

cats fighting over chair

Bah. This is MY chair. Paws off, Kajsa!

cat claiming chair for herself