Revealing Cleaning

Cleaning your house is always useful, but sometimes even enlightening.

cat chewing on cords
… and I was wondering why I had reception problems. Sigh. Hope they didn’t swallow any cord. I really thought I had cat-proofed my home. Sigh.

cat destroys radio

Detective Mamma confronted her prime suspects, but didn’t get any answer. Tessa tried to look casual whilst Kajsa chose the opposite strategy and was offended by my suspicions.

cat food on table
In case you noticed the food on the table: yes, I will probably regret that I started to put their food on the table. They don’t (always) like the special food they get because of their diarrhea. They’re more likely to eat when the food is close to their beloved window spot.

I’m still waiting for the lab results (no comment, I’m angry enough), but their poop got better because of the new diet.