Z as in Zero experiences. Being a hysterical newbie

Huh huh, so I was hysterical again. It’s funny: I’m very good with infants and toddlers. I’m known as the calm adult; the one who knows what to do, the one who doesn’t freak out. A slightly different version of myself is writing this blog. I know how to care for humans, but I’ve no experiences with cats. It’s therefore scary to be responsible for Tessa and Kajsa, and I’m so grateful for all the help I get. Thank you, 3+1 cats and Punapippuri for giving me advice on my Facebook page!

So what happened today? Tessa was coughing / gagging a couple of times, and I assumed she’s dealing with a hairball (and will most likely die).

Fortunately, I had already grown cat grass, so Tessa and Kajsa got a special treat today; I had heard that grass can help cats to throw up hairballs. Both got excited and ate some grass.

cats love cat grass
Needless to say that Kajsa wanted the very grass stalk that Tessa had. Sigh. Did I mention the word toddler above?

cats fighting about cat grass
I wouldn’t have dared to let Tessa lick on some butter, but my Facebook angels told me that fat could help Tessa. She liked the butter, so for once I had a happy patient: she liked both the grass and the butter, yeah! She still hates me for cleaning her ears though.

Bottom line: Nothing really happened today. Tessa gagged a few times in the morning, but both were playful and happy. Sigh. My little Einsteins really know how to make a perfect fool of me.

P.S. This was the last day of the A2Z challenge – I made it!! I wanted to name this posting “Zoom” and post some close-up pictures. However, my cell’s camera isn’t good enough, and the memory card of my good camera is still lost. Sigh.