Late at night when Mamma is sleeping…

Austin from Austin Towers gave Kajsa and Tessa an important advice:

Take it from me! Never underestimate a human!! Was my big mistake!

Tonight, Kajsa and Tessa taught me a lesson: never underestimate a cat!

I was profoundly convinced that they couldn’t open zippers. I was also sure that they would stay away from this bag.  It’s the Evil Backpack, where I keep their antibiotics and ear drops. They normally have to sit on this bag when I treat them. (Yes, we were seeing the vet, they need twice a day antibiotics and ear drops, in addition to the ear cleaning. Sigh.)

can cats open zippers

Well, think again. It was a huge mistake to keep the rewards they get after the treatment in the very same bag.

cat steals treats

So who’s to blame? I don’t know for sure, but I think it was Tessa. I know, in comparison to Kajsa, she seems to be sooo cute and kind. Truth is, she’s a sly cat, and shamelessly using her innocent reputation for her own purposes. She’s curious, stubborn and crazy about treats. I should have known that; after all, she fooled me before.

naughty cats

… and bossy Kajsa? She is doing her best to hide her cute and needy sides on this blog, but she needs her Mamma quite often. Ok, I admit: I need my little baby as well.

adorable catssweet cat

Last, but not least: I’m actually glad that this happened. They only got some treats, and if I’m unlucky, they swallowed small pieces of the packaging. Ok, I’m convinced (here we go again – do I ever learn??) that they wouldn’t eat their medicine. My first attempt to give them their antibiotics was bloody. You can probably guess who was bleeding, and no, I’m not only talking about my heart. However, I really need to find a safer place for their medicine!