E as in Escape. A Midsummer Nightmare

cat run awayDo you remember Rachel’s cat Voldemort eh Valdo?  Turned out he wasn’t a murderer that night, but he certainly challenged my cardiac rhythm.

I was watching some TV in the kitchen. Valdo was upstairs, and I assumed that he was sleeping in my bed. After 2 hours, I became suspicious. I hadn’t heard any noise, nothing fell and no meowing for more food. I needed to check what he was doing. He wasn’t in my bedroom. He wasn’t on the attic. He wasn’t in my wardrobe. There was no one but me and an open balcony door.

cat opened doorWHAT? Have a look at the lock: you’ve to turn the wheel and push the door at the same time. I couldn’t believe my eyes and started to panic. I texted Rachel and asked her to call me when her daughter was out of hearing. I grabbed some cat food and started searching. Not an easy task in a forest. I had no idea in which direction he could have gone. I didn’t know whether he’d be sitting on a tree or hiding under a shrub. How could I possibly find him?

Rachel called and told me to take a break. She was sure Voldemort would come back eventually. I went home and waited. After 2 long hours, I heard an angry meow. I ran out the door, behind the house. And yes, Valdo-Voldemort was sitting there and meowing towards the balcony of the 2nd floor. He was glad to see me – or the treat in my hand, who do I try to fool. He continued meowing at the balcony when I grabbed him. Oh my – he was furious! He wanted to enter the house through the balcony, not the entrance door.

I tried to tell him it’s not my fault that he can’t climb up the wall. He seemed to understand what I was saying because he fell asleep in my arms, tired of his adventures. He became angry though that the door to the balcony room was now closed and locked. And yes, I put the key in my pocket – who knows if Voldemort knows how to use a key?

I can now laugh about Valdo’s escape, but you get that it really wasn’t funny. I wished I had read those articles when Valdo disappeared:

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