T as in Today. My cats came home!

I was so excited when I went to the shelter today! Some drama at the shelter, because I was cleaning their ears. Oh my, they were really dirty! I’ll continue cleaning them at home, but we also need to come to the shelter once a week. They didn’t like the carriers at all, but you were right, the size was ok. Poor Tessa was meowing all the way home, Kajsa was silent.

Once here, everything went fine. They were immediately exploring the kitchen and the hall. None was hiding. As I expected, Tessa was the braver one, but Kajsa followed her very soon. Both have eaten, and at least Kajsa has used the litter tray. I don’t really know what happened there, she was meowing several times.

So which places did they like? I’m surprised, but none of them was interested in the basket on the window board. (?? I thought this would be the prime spot.). Tessa made a really weird choice: she likes to be on the stove. (??) Kajsa likes the spots in the shelf, the ones without curtains. She was doing really great! I wasn’t too concerned about Tessa, because I’ve seen that she likes to explore new places. Kajsa is very shy, and I was worried that she’d be afraid. Turned out that my belly was one of the first places she wanted to sit on! My heart opened up – my shelter visits really paid off! Karen was right – they felt saver about me than my place! Eh, our place.

Tessa has a look at the kitchentaking rescue cat home
… and also Kajsa explores her new home.cat explores her new home
For some reason, the left shelf is better than the right shelf. cat in a shelf

Kajsa on my belly and Tessa on the stove. make your cat feel at home

Now they’re both taking a nap; Tessa on the stove and Kajsa in the shelf. I’m so relieved that everything went fine! I’ll open the doors to the staircase and my bedroom tonight. They feel already very confident in the kitchen and the hall, and I think that they’d appreciate to know where I am. Question which remains: will I sleep tonight? I guess Kajsa will visit me, but I’m not too sure about Tessa.