Box Boxing

Kajsa here. I know that my indecision drives my human crazy, but I sometimes suffer from it as well. Mom came home with a very appealing box the other day. I was of course carefully considering whether it’s safe to go inside, but Tessa occupied the box immediately.

Ikea Samla box Ikea Hack

I had a closer look and decided that I also wanted to sit inside.

cats want the same box

Can you tell that I’m annoyed? Obviously, Tessa doesn’t understand feline because she should see from my ears that I do not approve of her squatting.

cat twists her ears to show that she's angry

Hmpf. Maybe I’ll try to attack her from behind?

cat ponders how to chase other cat from a box

Finally! Oh, I love this box! How very thoughtful of our human to buy a box and a bath mat! Oh yes, we cats love bath mats for a number of reasons. So comfy to sit on, so good to barf on!

Ikea transparent box is great for cats

A perfect day. So glad Mom bought this box and bath mat only for us! I also like its location – the middle of the dining table is an excellent spot to hang out! She sure won’t move the box to another spot or use it for something else now that we’ve showed that we like it alot!