The bird in our kitchen

I’m always prepared for surprises when I wake up and go downstairs. 8 hours are plenty of time to trash the first floor. I wasn’t ready for a bird though and couldn’t believe my ears. Yes, my ears, because I couldn’t see the bird. I was confused that Kajsa and Tessa didn’t seem to care about the noises, but they’ve been probably trying to catch the bird for many hours.

I was clever enough to lock my cats out of the kitchen before I started searching. I’m used to birds inside: about 2-3 blue tits get every year lost in the attic, but I’ve never seen one downstairs. I know that some blue tits are living under the roof in winter, but I’ve never found the hole to the attic.  Poor things – they don’t find their way back and panic.

The noise came from the kitchen ceiling, and I opened the ventilation shaft. A big blackbird appeared! I tried to help him out, but ok, I admit: I’m a mean blogger, because I had time for a picture.

bird in ventilation shaft

The blackbird survived his adventure, and I’m so grateful that I could help him. Not only because of the bird, but also because he showed me the hole – the ventilation shaft! (DOING. Why didn’t I think about that before?) There has to be a connection between the attic and the kitchen, and I really need to do something about this. The ventilation shaft is big enough for curious paws, and the thought of a cat being stuck between the second and first floor freaks me out.

cat proof ventilation They’re safe for now, because I secured the ventilation shaft in my bedroom. However, the very attic soon becomes the cats’ playroom, so I need to find the shaft there. It’s a bit tricky though. If I only secure the opening to the attic, the birds will stuck in the shaft and can’t get out. Ok, I’m not sure if a cat room is the best alternative for a bird, but I want to find a solution for all of my ‘pets’.

Why I haven’t thought about this problem before? I believed there was a small hole somewhere. Too small for my cats, big enough for a small blue tit. I would have let my cats catch those 2 blue tits a year if they discovered them before me. Until today, the blue tits have only been in winter in the attic, meaning no breeding time. I know – there has been a huge discussion about domestic cats endangering birds, but a lost bird in my house is in my opinion something different.