Status Quo: diarrhea, ear infection and mental illness

Mamma had one of her nightmares the other day. She was at the psychiatric hospital where she stayed for three months last year. The nurses had taken us away, because Mamma didn’t take care of us. Well, she did, but her house was such a mess, that the psychiatrists decided that Mamma couldn’t take care of herself, and certainly not of her cats. This nightmare never seemed to stop; she was cleaning all the time, but it wasn’t good enough. Tessa and I were lonely and on death row, and Mamma was exhausted and distressed. She tried to smuggle us somewhere in a parcel, but the nurses controlled all her bags and boxes.

I think the nurses sound very evil; I want to bite them and pee on their beds. Mamma says that it’s really bad to be on psychiatric ward, but the nurses weren’t evil. Mamma didn’t know her own best when she was there, and that’s why they decided everything for her, even though Mamma didn’t agree.

Mamma thinks she had this nightmare, because Tessa and I are still ill. We still have diarrhea, because the antibiotics didn’t help. We’re now getting deworming meds, and we’re seeing the vet again on Thursday. Mamma was too exhausted to write about our health problems. She is taking good care of us, and asked the staff at the shelter for advice, so I don’t understand why she’s accusing herself. She told us that we’re in the same situation as she was last year: she’s forcing us to take medication – it’s for our own best.

cat is comforting meWe don’t agree, but we’re doing our best to support Mamma. She woke up from her nightmare, because Tessa felled books from the shelf next to her bed. She has never done this before – we normally let Mamma sleep. She is wondering whether it’s a coincidence that Tessa made heavy noises that night. Sigh. She’s still a cat newbie – we like to take care of her. I believe Tessa realized that something was wrong, and that Mamma needed to wake up. We’re a great team – Tessa is distracting her, and I cuddle with her as often as I can; I even let her sleep on me!

We don’t look forward to meeting the vet on Thursday, but Mamma says that 3 weeks with diarrhea is way too long. She’ll try to write a separate post on our symptoms soon. She was just too exhausted to keep you updated, and I think she wanted to think about something different as well. Indeed, it’s not so easy being a new Mom to sick cats, but she’s doing her best. On the bright side – our ears are slowly becoming better, but the vet will control them as well.

That’s our current situation and the reason why we’ve been offline. Please bear with us that we don’t comment so much on your blogs – we’re trying to get through the day here.