The royal balcony

Being on a budget means prioritizing. I decided that a balcony is more important than space. Finnish balconies are often glazed, and built “inside” the outer wall – meaning not sticking out of the house. My bedroom is shorter than the other rooms, because the balcony substitutes this part of the bedroom. These kind of balconies are warmer than traditional “outside-the-wall” balconies.



I built removable window screens instead of installing a permanent balcony net. As the balcony has windows, I have to remove the net to open and close them.

With screens in summer


And as a “winter garden” with windows in autumn. Because I don’t heat the bedroom, I don’t mind opening the balcony door at day time. I close the door when I go to bed, so the cats have about 15 hours access to the balcony in late autumn!


I bought a cheap cat tree on Ebay, and both girls were really excited because of the smell. From a hygienic point of view, it’s probably stupid to buy second-hand trees, but I decided to take the risk.


I bolt the cat tree on a small table to enlarge the tree – large cat trees are more expensive than a small table and screws.


Yes!!! For the very first time they used something I built right away!! I couldn’t believe my eyes.


The ironing board doesn’t look very stable, but has now been there for 3 months – a cheap and easy solution for a window sill.



I really hope this posting makes sense, it took me ages to write it.

mommy nov2015