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Anesthesia For Hysterical Cat Owners

So we were seeing a vet yesterday. Kajsa and Tessa needed to get their teeth done as both cats had a lot of plaque.

The bandaged paw we showed yesterday was due to anesthesia. I was a bit surprised that only Tessa had bandages, but turned out that Kajsa wasn’t too tired for working hard on our way home – I found her bandages in her carrier, hehe.

taking your cats home after anesthesia

Tessa again was very tired. Kajsa ate a lot when we got home, but Tessa didn’t even care about her favorite treats.

cat feels so bad after anesthesia that she doesn't want to have treats

I was of course hysterical and wanted to nurse her. She sure was very tired because she let me put a blanket on her!

cat under blanket after anesthesia

Unfortunately, I didn’t stop there and made her a hot-water-bag as well. Sigh. Will I ever learn? Of course Tessa didn’t appreciate my efforts and decided that she had enough. So instead of laying in a den, she sat on the cold floor while Kajsa chose a high spot.

difficult to nurse cats

The cold floor and height didn’t really calm me down, but I tried very hard to ignore my patients. They obviously didn’t appreciate my non-existing nursing skills. Sigh. And of course everything went fine. Kajsa didn’t fall, and Tessa found a new spot to hang out. Both were behaving normal today and expected that the flow of treats will continue.

I think I’ll ask the vet next time if I can also get a shot to calm down.


Puncher Cat

The second best cat toy I know is this price tag. It came with one of our plants, and I’m going crazy when I spot it somewhere.

weird things my cat likes to play with

My human has started calling me puncher. Oh yes, my strong and dangerous fangs are indeed perfect hole punches!

cat makes holes with her fangs

Can’t see why Mom doesn’t appreciate my hard puncher work on my most favorite cat toy: her cell charger!


When the cat is away Blog

4 Shades Of Kajsa

Am I looking like a lady here?

cat looks affective

Well, at least sometimes I’m ladylike, but I’m also the sporty type.

cat makes funny moves in a box

I hardly ever show my belly, but it’s a very effective move to get Mom’s attention. NB: don’t overdo it – I flash my belly maybe 2-3 times a year.

cat shows her belly in a box

I’m normally an introvert cat, but sometimes I love going crazy.

crazy looking cat in a box


Sigh. Why is the last picture bigger than the others? I wished I had a servant who had at least basic photo editing skills. I hope my portfolio is good enough to show you that I’m a very beautiful and multifaceted cat!


Plague Of Insects

Uh-oh. We better hide today as our human is furious. Ironically, she doesn’t accuse us of mischief, but because we haven’t done anything ! So unfair!

Some of you may remember that we cats don’t like catnip. Mom has tried to give our plants away, but only got rid of a few. First she was upset that nobody was interested in her catnip plants, but now she got mad because a big crowd is fighting for the best plant. Human logic. Doesn’t make any sense to us?

greenflies blackflies whiteflies on catnip plant

Oh yes, hundreds of aphids have invaded our apartment and are very thankful for our human’s cat mint plants!

Close up on aphids plant lice greenflies

Mom has become a serial killer and tried many ways to get rid of plant lice. She partly succeeded, but now lost her nerves and will kill all plants instead. Aphids are big players in the advertising industry as they’ve attracted many other critters; partly their natural enemies, but also insects who like honeydew. No, it’s not raining on this picture – our windows are full of honeydew!

plant lice aphids produce honeydew

Mom’s now afraid that ants will invade our apartment. Did you know that ants protect aphids from their natural enemies in exchange for honeydew? Talking of natural enemies – Mom would have loved to house a bunch of ladybugs, but they somehow never made it to our place. Sigh. She’s mad. Ladybugs are also insects, but in her opinion something totally different than ants, plant lice and flies.

She’ll dry as many plants as possible and give them away to other cats. Hehe, we wonder whether she’ll advertise the plant lice thing? She says it doesn’t matter because aphids are not interested in dried plants, but who knows?

Feline friends: if you want to get a letter from us with dried catnip plants (and maybe aphids), write an email to cat(at) . We’re very curious if we get any requests after telling that we cats didn’t like the catnip plants, but hundreds of aphids loved them, hehehe.


Never Ever

I once swore that I’ll never ever buy a fancy cat bed. For one, I saw way too many funny pictures of cats preferring shabby pizza boxes to expensive cat beds. Second, Tessa and Kajsa like most of my DIY cat beds, at least after I got the hang of it (they’re picky!). Third, I have hardly any money, and I’d rather spend it on high quality food than beds.

Well well. Unfortunately, humans have a tendency to do things they would never ever do, and I’m no exception. I fell in love with these cute cat beds at our local pet store. I was looking at them for months, and then, one day, they were on sale. I got very excited. Even though the reduced price was still pretty expensive to me, I just couldn’t resist.

cat ignores expensive cat bed

I was thrilled when I saw Kajsa using it. Frankly, it felt like winning the lottery – spending my last bucks on an expensive cat bed which at least one of my cats likes!!

Stupid cat uses cat bed once and destroys it

This could have been a sweet story, but you’ve probably already understood that this is not the end of it. I’m glad I got a picture of Kajsa in this bed because it was the only time I ever saw a cat in it. Weeks passed by. I tried the bed in different rooms, nothing happened.

After some months, a friend visited me with her newborn baby. She breastfed her baby boy on the sofa, and when he fell asleep, I had a wonderful idea: could we upgrade the cat bed to an infant bed? Oh yes, he liked it a lot and slept like an angel. Unfortunately, babies are much alike cats in many ways – suddenly, he yakked all the milk on the bed. Sigh.

His mother was very embarrassed, but living with cats means that barf on textiles feels normal, doesn’t it? OK, I probably shouldn’t have said “Oh, that’s great! The cats may actually now use the bed as it smells of milk puke”. My friend couldn’t hide her disturbed face, suggesting that I’m a freak (of course I am!). Well. Tessa showed indeed interest, but never put a paw into the bed.

Eventually, I gave up and sold the bed on Ebay. However, puke doesn’t really trigger Ebay bidders, so in the end I gave it away for free. I just couldn’t stand looking at the bed any more. If there’s any common sense left in my brain – please make that I never ever buy an expensive cat bed again!


Table Manners For Cats

Kajsa and Tessa have lived with me for over 2 years now. Kajsa was very shy when I first met her, but she’s much more relaxed now. However, some things stay the same: in the opposite to Tessa, she normally doesn’t sit down when she’s eating.

shy cat eats always on the go

Is this a matter of taste (hehe)? How do your cats eat? I wonder whether Kajsa is always ready to flee while being in a vulnerable situation?



The Royal Dynasty of Helsinki

She said she abandoned us because she had to take care of her godson. We thought she was talking about a human child. However, her clothes smelled very bad of male cat. We confiscated her phone to search for evidence and couldn’t believe our eyes.

Turned out she also took care of Valdo-Voldemort , her friend’s cat. Don’t get fooled by his harmless looks; oh no, we know better than that. Valdo is quite a legend and made it to our blog before Mom adopted us!

Some years ago, he lived at our human’s place while his family was on a vacation. He only stayed for a week, but did an impressive job in keeping Mom on her toes: he did not only scare her to death in the middle of the night, but also made an ever so small excursion. Mom and her friend are still wondering how this cat managed to unlock the balcony door .

While we admire his legendary mischief, we don’t like his attitude on this picture. Looks like he got himself a throne here, being very satisfied with himself, thinking that he’s the Prince of Helsinki…

Obviously, we can’t tolerate another royal family in our hometown, so we’ve to do something.

Any ideas?


When the toddler’s away

Bah! So that’s Mom’s salary for abandoning us and taking care of her godchild: she caught his flu. Our first thought was something like “serves her right” , but who’s now on duty nursing whining humans? Right. It’s us! Where’s this toddler now, when our human needs somebody to take care of her?? This little imp is having a blast and leaves Mom to her fate!!

my cat takes care of me when I feel bad

Oddly enough, Mom’s actually thankful that the toddler from hell is not staying with her while she’s sick – she says that toddlers are very bad nurses. ?? Humans are so screwed up.

headphones vs cat

On the bright side – I can spot my salary for nursing Mom. Let’s hope that she’s falling asleep in this very position, and this blue tasty cord will be mine, hehehe.


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