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Meet my girls Tessa and Kajsa!

getting to know my catsSo who are these girls I fell in love with? The vet assumes they’re 3-6 years old. We don’t know what happened to them. They were found about 250 km (155 miles) from my hometown. The shelter says that they’re a bit shy and need a lot of patience. (more…)

Weekly review – week 13 (2015)

pfoetchen.wg 12My crazy feline week

Huh huh. What an emotional week! I was thrilled when I adopted two cats. However, I got very scared whether I made the right decision. I freaked out because I thought I was allergic to cats. I felt ‘pure happiness’ whilst taming my cats. I was sad when I found out that Aloe Vera is toxic to cats. I spent a lot of time shopping cat supplies and choosing cat names.

In short: the cats already own me, and I should really rename my blog to When Sanity’s Away, Hysteria Will Play. (more…)

Spoilt for choice: what’s in a name?

I’m wondering if I should rename my blog to When sanity’s away, hysteria will play? Oh my. Thank you for still reading here. I’ve calmed down. I’ll still get checked out, even though I don’t think I’m allergic to cats. However, it’s an easy and reliable test, and I won’t have to worry anymore. I talked with the shelter about allergies yesterday, because I didn’t know that a cat allergy can also cause rashes. They asked me today how I felt and want me to get tested. I agree with them. I’d be really awful if the cats came home and needed to be replaced again.

Drama is my second name. (more…)

I can’t be allergic to cats, can I??

My right hand was red and a bit itchy yesterday, but the rash didn’t really bother me. It went away overnight and everything was normal today. However, the rash was back when I returned from my daily shelter visit.

cat allergy rashI took this photo 2 hours ago and it’s become better in the meantime. I still have some red spots, but they’re neither itchy nor very visible. I don’t have any other symptoms, and the rash is only on my right hand. I’m afraid the cats have caused the rash. I’ve tried very hard, but I can’t come up with any other explanation.

I’m now afraid I’m allergic to cats. Whilst most allergy suffers are (also) dealing with coughing and wheezing, skin rashes are a common reaction as well. I’m surprised, because I’ve been with cats earlier and I never had any allergic reaction. (more…)

“One only understands the things that one tames,” said the fox

Thank you for all your support! I was embarrassed because I freaked out. I had difficulties dealing with my feelings. There were so many emotions: fear, happiness, anxiety, worries, euphoria… wonder why I couldn’t sleep last night. I feel better today, meaning I’m more stable. I’m more and more convinced I made the right decision. I woke up this morning and realized I had become a mother. I couldn’t think about anything else than my little babies. I wasn’t happy though, but very worried: do they have earache? Do they get good care? Does the staff have enough time for them? Did they eat? Do they ever get out of their cage? Are they bored, depressed, fearful? (more…)

I just adopted cats. Help! What have I done?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m sorry, I just had to scream. I can’t really believe what happened today. I adopted two cats!! I was at the local animal shelter today. Believe me – I was so nervous, I had difficulties breathing! I tried to calm down and developed some strategies: (more…)

A starter set for cat newbies

what you need to buy for a catOnly a short update, I’m busy catifying my home.

I bought some food, a window screen, a second cat litter and transport bag. I don’t really know how good all these products are, but I’ve to start somewhere.

I asked the shelter what food they’re using. They told me that they don’t give any particular food: 1. most of the food is donated and 2. they want to avoid that the cats will get used to one brand. Great. I’ll try to continue that procedure and bought different brands. (more…)

Cats and toxic plants

Pfoetchen wg 8Ok, great. I wanted to check whether my plants are cat-proof and I got wonderful results. I’ve four plant species. 1 is toxic to cats. I’ve no idea what plants the remaining 3 are.  It’d be easiest to give all plants away and buy new ones – but easiest is not always easiest. (more…)

Weekly review – week 12 (2015)

I thought about having a weekly review on Sundays. I’ll review what happened on my and on other blogs and announce my blogger of the week. And last, but not least: I try to link to all articles dealing with cats and mental health. I’m afraid it’s a very long review this week, because this whole blog thing is so new to me. There were so many things to learn and read! (more…)

Cat-proofing my home

cat proof fridge1. Fridge

I’ve to declutter the top of my fridge. A cat can easily jump onto the fridge from the microwave. I could probably avoid that by removing the shelf next to the fridge, but the fridge could be a nice place for my cats. They can even look out the window when sitting on the fridge.

I first thought about putting some pillows there, but I read that this could cause a fire: pillows and blankets could fall behind the fridge and block the air circulation. I’m not sure whether cats actually need a comfy surface. A basket with a pillow would be a great alternative if I make sure that the pillow can’t fall out. I’m wondering though if it’s too difficult to jump onto the fridge when a big basket is on top of the fridge.

A hammock would certainly be the best option, but I’d need to make some deep holes in the wooden ceiling. I’m only a tenant here and it’ll be impossible to kit the holes when I move out. Sigh. (more…)

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