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Almost Like Home

We traveled also this year over Christmas to my family in Germany. We’ll stay for another week until we return to Finland.

We kicked my father out and turned the master bedroom into a girls-only-zone. My mother may sleep here at night (if she behaves), but the bedroom is Little Finland during the day. I watch movies, Tessa occupies my feet and Kajsa rules over the closet with an iron paw.

Oh, don’t be fooled because you can hardly see her – her ear notices any of Tessa’s moves and she’ll defend her spot without mercy.

i can find a cat by her ears

“Eh hello? Kajsa isn’t always the closet’s autoc(r)at!”

cats fight about wardrobe


Wakey Wakey 2018 !

cat lays on human in the morning to get her to get up

Mom? Don’t get mad, I’m just doing my job as a social worker: it’s very important for your mental health that you get up in time!

P.S. I also wanted to remind you about your New Year’s Resolution – to bring our blog to life again. We’re very sorry for our absence – you know, humans….


When the cat is away Blog

Experiences with silicate cat litter?

Kajsa and Tessa have 2 litter trays. I’m about replacing one of them, but I thought I could use the time with 3 boxes for some experiments. So for now they’ve 2 trays with their normal litter and a third with silica gel litter.

To make sure that I know what they like / dislike, the new litter is in a familiar box and location.

experiences with silicate litter

They’ve ignored the box for over a week now. They only use the two trays with their normal litter, although one of the boxes is now on a new spot. So I’m pretty sure that they don’t like the new litter (since box and location are familiar).

How long would you keep trying? Is one week long enough? I’ve one more litter I’d like to test, so I’m thinking of putting the silicate litter away. (I’m happy that I don’t have to trash it: my friend’s cat likes silicate litter, so he’ll get it). Do you have experiences with silica gel litter?


Cat vs Human

Hard to believe, but somebody actually asked me for advice after showing the video of Tessa ignoring my feeding arrangements!

I use a desk pad from IKEA as a mat for food bowls, and I’m very satisfied with it – perfect size, easy to clean and cheaper than the mats I’ve seen at local pet stores. Its bottom is corrugated and makes the mat sticky without damaging the floor.

protection to put under bowl of pet food

Well. The best mat doesn’t help when your cat carries her food away. I know that some cats have very sensitive whiskers and won’t tolerate any kind of bowl. I also understand that carrying your “prey” to a better place is something instinctive and natural for predators.

WHAT I DON’T GET is why on earth they always have to eat on rugs ?! I’ve lived with Kajsa and Tessa in 4 different apartments, and they have always carried their food to the nearest rug. That being said, they only do that if their food consists of bigger bits. For a while, they liked mashed food, but now they deny any “porridge”. They’re picky eaters, and very good at long-lasting hunger strikes and terrorizing me. And yes, of course I’m totally under the paw.

I got so fed up with cleaning rugs that I gave them their very own “rug”: a bathroom mat which I can wash in the washing machine.

shy cat eats always on the go

They actually accepted the mat and used it as a plate. However, the mat looks stupid in our current living room, and I kind of hoped that they’d stop eating on the carpet at some point… Sigh. Hope is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?


Cat Logic : How to eat cat food


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Every body is beautiful

I first didn’t want to write this post because I’m so tired of all the focus media spends on ideal bodies. We probably all agree that medical overweight (which is something way different to what society considers overweight) comes with serious health issues. That being said, I seriously believe that social pressure does more harm than good. This is a cat blog, so I won’t go into depth here, but just to name an example: in Helsinki, overweight persons do get a discount on water gymnastic courses. The idea is to encourage people suffering from overweight to work out, and swimming is a great way as it doesn’t put weight on joints!

However, I decided to post this anyways because I had to laugh when I saw this picture of Kajsa.

fat cat isn't fat but slim

It’s funny how different you can look from a certain angle! And no, I don’t think it’s an “unflattering” picture because overweight is a health issue, not a cosmetic problem.

cat makes her tail to a circle

Kajsa: Of course I’m always beautiful, it doesn’t matter if I’m thick or thin. I want you to admire my perfect tail curve!

whatever you say cat wants treats


Box Boxing

Kajsa here. I know that my indecision drives my human crazy, but I sometimes suffer from it as well. Mom came home with a very appealing box the other day. I was of course carefully considering whether it’s safe to go inside, but Tessa occupied the box immediately.

Ikea Samla box Ikea Hack

I had a closer look and decided that I also wanted to sit inside.

cats want the same box

Can you tell that I’m annoyed? Obviously, Tessa doesn’t understand feline because she should see from my ears that I do not approve of her squatting.

cat twists her ears to show that she's angry

Hmpf. Maybe I’ll try to attack her from behind?

cat ponders how to chase other cat from a box

Finally! Oh, I love this box! How very thoughtful of our human to buy a box and a bath mat! Oh yes, we cats love bath mats for a number of reasons. So comfy to sit on, so good to barf on!

Ikea transparent box is great for cats

A perfect day. So glad Mom bought this box and bath mat only for us! I also like its location – the middle of the dining table is an excellent spot to hang out! She sure won’t move the box to another spot or use it for something else now that we’ve showed that we like it alot!


Shaved Legs

Ever since Mom has seen pictures of Sphynx* cats, she’s been wondering how our skin looks like. However, we never thought she’d go so far to shave us!! Oh, the horror when we discovered that the evil vet did not only steal parts of our teeth, but also fur!

shaved legs of cat for anesthesia

Our human says the vet shaved our legs because we needed infusions, but we’re not convinced. Maybe this vet has a secret additional income by selling our warm, soft, delicate and most beautiful fur?! We should at least get a big paycheck for all the hours we’ve spent washing our fur to keep it smooth and fluffy!

vet shaves long-haired cat for surgery

Our silly human is still wondering about our skin color. We’ve both white skin, and so do all cats Mom has ever met. Some Sphynx and Peterblad cats have darker skin colors, but have you ever met a cat with dark skin (except Peterblad and Sphynx cats)?


*In case you’ve never heard of Sphynx / Peterblad cats: a cat breed without fur


Cat’s Den

Phew! This has been a very exhausting week and I really need to rest this weekend.

Can't make the bed because my cats sleeps on it

My human said something about working hard today, some sort of “spring-cleaning” in Autumn. That probably involves a vacuum cleaner which in turn means that Kajsa will hide and let me in peace. Wonderful.

cat builds a den on my bed

I’m sure Mom wouldn’t dare making the bed while I’m here? Especially since I build a very comfy den? She may clean all she wants as long as she leaves the bedroom to me. Fresh bedding is anyways overrated, she sure doesn’t want to miss out on all the fur I put on “her” blanket?


When the cat is away Blog

Guinea Pig vs Cat

You’d think that we suffered enough by seeing a veterinary dentist. Now Mom had this crazy idea to take pictures of our teeth so that she can follow up on plaque and other changes. She got her photos, but not without a fight and a number of outtakes.

cat looks like a cavy

Do you remember K., the Australian intruder, who stayed at our place last fall? Mom sent this picture to her, and you’ll never guess her comment: “Kajsa looks like a guinea pig!”

What? I know they’ve a lot of crazy animals down there in Straya, but how can she mix up a cat with a guinea pig? Can’t she see my dangerous fangs, indicating that I’m a predator and not a silly herbivore? Bah. Rather than commenting on European cats, she should focus on animals in her environment. Hope that some nasty spider or snake pays her house a visit anytime soon. Chances are she’ll mix them up with a birdie or maybe a kangaroo.


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