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These two pictures show the stairs at our old place. The staircase is very tight with walls on both sides and it was very difficult to move furniture. For some reason I thought that my bed would slide down the stairs if I “threw” it down. I removed the brown handrail and let the bed slide down the stairs.

Unfortunately it only got halfway. I couldn’t lift it anymore, and all my attempts to push it down made matters worse: the bed got stuck.

I was exhausted from moving, heat, quarrels and money problems. The *#$§”!** bed was stuck. I was locked on the second floor and in this very moment, I thought that I wouldn’t make it. I laid down on the floor and tried to call my friend, but I was crying so much that I couldn’t breathe. I had a very bad anxiety attack.

Two things happened while I was crying on the floor. Kajsa was sniffing at my tears, licked some of them away, sat down on my chest and started purring. Her purring always calms me down. Anxiety feels worse in my chest: like I can’t breathe anymore, that a very heavy weight is on my chest. Kajsa’s purring is vibrant and feels like a massage. I always imagine that she’s kneading anxiety away from my chest when she sits there and purrs.

I was about calming down when we both heard a sound.

Tessa was meowing and very very excited. She had been downstairs and wanted to know what’s going on upstairs – only to discover a fantastic climbing object and scratch tree in the staircase. She was so happy and excited that I just had to start laughing instead of crying.

I let her climb the bed many times until I got a saw and solved the problem. Good thing that I didn’t want to take the bed to our new place!


Recycle Scratching Boards (DIY)

Our delicate claws prefer cardboard scratching pads to sisal posts, so we require that our staff makes sure that we’ve enough cardboard boards for our daily pedicure.

Bad news is that Mom has full control over our credit cards: she’s very economical and restricts parcels from our pet supplies dealer. However, we have to admit that she came up with a great solution to make our scratching boards last longer, so we thought we might share her trick so that your humans have more money for treats and pouch food!

We’re probably not the only cats who only use parts of the pad. We usually only scratch the outer parts.

Mom “saws” our old boards with a bread knife (best saw for cardboard!) and joins unscratched pieces to a new scratching pad.

You don’t need glue to attach these pieces to each other – just squeeze them as tight as possible into a box. Ours stay in place when we scratch, but of course it’s sometimes fun to upgrade one piece to a toy.


Grandpa’s beloved lamp

Since the … um … expensive lamp incident, Mom’s been worrying about replacement glasses for Grandpa’s lamp – until he said that they don’t want to repair the lamp.

“Well, we found out that neither of us wants to keep the lamp, but we both thought the other one did.”

Mom says we should be grateful that the lamp wasn’t important after all, and that Granny and Grandpa are so relaxed about our “accidents”.

Bah. We again think that they exploit our workforce! Granny set us to work on the green armchair (you may remember that she wanted us to destroy an armchair so that she can finally get rid of it!), and now they need somebody to destroy a lamp to find out that neither of them liked the lamp. Who again said that Homo sapiens is the most advanced species on communication?!? And where is our salary?


Magnetic North

It’s a bit late for Christmas stuff, but we guess it’s ok to show Christmas presents in the middle of January when Spitty’s staff writes Christmas cards on Jan 2nd, hehe. In fact, we got a present from Spitty’s first officer Punapippuri – a calendar for 2017 with all the celebrities of Finland (N).

I had of course a good sniff at everything. You know, we hardly ever get visits from mancats. The last one was Mr. Black Cat at our old place, but Kajsa chased him away with her iron paw.

Did you notice the perfect wrapping paper?? Birdies in Christmas costumes, waiting to get picked up by hungry felines?

A purrfect parcel, indeed. Mom now has a calendar which will remind her to give us treats every day (she’s quite forgetful), a Christmas card and a piece of art from the Catio Tales. Thank you very much!!


Nothing like home

Mom thinks that my paws almost look like a heart here. She was sincerely surprised that none of her friends saw a heart on this picture.

A heart is of course important in any home, but Mom’s favorite picture of a perfect home is one of Tessa.

A safe and quiet place, soft pillows on a cozy sofa, cats and a good cup of coffee. And that’s exactly what we did today – a perfect day in our perfect home after a long journey.


Whoever said that cats don’t need humans

… to feel safe and to seek solace, didn’t see Kajsa yesterday.

It takes an hour to drive from my parents’ place to the airport. I was sitting on the backseat with the girls. Kajsa showed me very clearly that she wanted to be close to me, and the second I put my fingers into her box, she calmed down and felt safe.

Kajsa wouldn’t need a leash at the airport either. The cats have to leave the transportation box for security check. When I took Kajsa on my arm, she hid under my shirt, pressed herself towards my skin and didn’t move an inch. Poor little thing. I’m always relieved that she gladly goes back to her box afterwards because she feels safe inside, too. Tessa again is so curious that she wants to explore the airport every time we’re traveling, and she’s always disappointed when she has to go back to her box.

Now we’re all safe back in Finland. We’re sleeping a lot and enjoy being home again – even though we all had a great time in Germany.


Demand For Equality

Do you remember that Granny and Mom had a weird competition about whose side of the double bed I prefer? They believe that I nap on the bed of my favorite person, and both try to attract me with various tricks.

Turned out, however, that they don’t always want my attention. Neither of them appreciates for example my 5 am visits. Granny even grumbled “Take care of your scheiss cat”, and tried to pass me over. Bah. Nevertheless, I made sure that both were part of my epic furball. I had already yakked the main part on Mom’s duvet when I remembered poor Granny – I didn’t want her to feel overlooked, so I placed the aftermath on her blanket.

Feline friends, I don’t want to spoil the ending. What do you think? Did Mom and Granny appreciate my endeavor to meet their demand for equality?

Pyrrhic Victory

Mom: Let me find a safer place for your expensive lamp.
Granny: That’s ok, the lamp is too heavy, the cats can’t possibly destroy it.
Mom: I don’t think it’s worth the risk.
Granny: They were never interested in this lamp. I’m sure they can’t tilt it.

Now the lamp has only one glass, but Mom doesn’t seem to appreciate our victory. She didn’t even say the very satisfying sentence “I told you so!”, but looks at us !?! So unfair.


Granny’s sneaky secret plan

You think you’re looking at a peaceful setting: a cat with an impressive belly, a cozy armchair, a proper home… ?

Think again – we’re actually in the middle of a domestic quarrel! You see, Mom wanted to prevent me and Kajsa from scratching the armchair, but Granny said that we’re allowed to scratch it! So I was just innocently enjoying my chair when Grandpa came to the living room. He saw me scratching, chased me away, and asked Mom why she didn’t even try to stop me.

Turns out that Granny hates this armchair, but Grandpa loves the chair although he never sits in it. In fact, it’s only Kajsa and me who are using the armchair, but Grandpa still insists on keeping it. Sneaky-Granny saw her chance when Kajsa and I visited their place for the first time – if we destroyed the chair, she’d finally get rid of it.


Crossword Collaboration

Granny has worked hard on improving her crossword skills, so we’ve found a compromise after a long struggle.

Mom says I’m spoiled rotten. Granny often complains that I disturb her, but we all know that she secretly loves the attention.


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