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Home Alone

Oh My Cat. Little did we know when we complained about Mom hiring a catsitter. At least she made sure that someone was looking after us while she’s away!

How long can you leave your cats alone

I’ve good reason for sitting anxiously on the hat rack. Our human left us at 3.30 pm. We knew something was wrong because she packed a bag and dished up a lot of food. She looked kind of guilty and mumbled something like “be good girls” and that she “needs to sleep somewhere else”.

WHAT??? Help!


People will always talk

I took Kajsa to the vet the other day because she was having troubles with her anal gland. As I only had to carry one transportation box, I didn’t take our pram. People were still stirring at me, but I felt like a very ordinary person on this bus, taking a casual ride with my cat.

go to the vet by buss with pet

Well, bearing in mind that I often rely on “alternative” means of transportation, like wheelbarrows at our post office or a pram with two cats on the subway, this bus ride was indeed quite normal on my scale, haha.


A cheap and easy cat bed for balconies and staircases DIY

Yes! I finally found a solution for a perfect balcony cat bed!

give your cat a viewing spot on the balcony

All you need are adjustable holders for jardinieres (is this really a word??) and a basket / box which stands rain. You can see black balcony trough holders under the board next to Kajsa. In Finland, all bigger stores for garden supplies and plants sell those; they cost about 4€ ($5). So instead of using them for flowers, the holders keep a basket. This construction also works for other kinds of banisters, for example handrails in staircases.

cat-friendly balcony

My cats didn’t like sitting in the flower pots you can see on this picture, so I gave up and used them for flowers instead. I guess they were too narrow. Tessa likes the board as well, but Kajsa needs something to hide in.

On a side note: the board consists of left-overs piles of weatherproof wood I bought for our catio. I wanted to have a sideboard for my coffee, but great that Tessa likes it as well.


Clothes Moths

User satisfaction studies suggest that opinions on cat-friendly rugs vary widely. Interestingly enough, results do not only show discrepancies on various kind of rugs, but also one specific rug may evoke contradictory experiences among different types of users.

cat scratches and destroys rug

Sigh. My contribution to the topic Back To School: practicing my academic English on saying “I think this rug is not cat-friendly, but my cats disagree.”


Selective Hearing

Kajsa is not a lap cat – no, she wants me to lay down to occupy my chest.

cat is sitting on my chest and listens to what I've to say

What I really love about her is that she’ll always turn her ear toward me when I tell her my worries.

Cat listens carefully to my problem

Which of course doesn’t mean that she ever listens when I try to discipline her, hehe.


The Queen And The Pea

Feline friends! We all know that not humans but cats are the most advanced species on Earth. Let’s take insomnia as an example. Ever heard of a cat suffering from sleeping problems? Right. We thought so. Humans again often complain that they don’t get enough sleep.

Mom is a total wimp when she wakes in the middle of the night and can’t fall asleep again. Staying in bed for many restless hours makes her even more anxious, so she often tries to rest on the sofa when she’s having one of her sleepless nights. Well, her trash is my pleasure – I love the extra blankets!!

Pay attention to all the details on this picture! My curtains are underneath all blankets, and you can also see my perfect box!

Oh yes, kitties, life is good. I’ll stay here all day to catch up on my sleep: nursing whining humans is so exhausting!!

P.S. Mom said she was too tired to keep up with blogs and other social media – she’ll try to catch up asap. Her apologies.


Robbery In Plain Sight

You know how humans go crazy before they get visitors? When they’re obsessed with cleaning?

Why my cat loves when I clean

Kajsa is very afraid of vacuum cleaners. She’ll usually hide somewhere in a lair, mortally terrified. I again discovered the benefits of Mom’s cultural roots: nothing can stop her when she’s cleaning the German way; she’s completely lost in her own world, especially under time pressure.

The perfect opportunity to look out for my favorite toy, hehe. Mom’s so stressed that she doesn’t see me, and the vacuum cleaner is so noisy that she can’t hear me.

damn cat chews on phone chargers

Oh, and it’s not only for pleasure! I really did my best to prevent The Sister From Hell from invading our place: Mom run out of extra chargers, and her phone died when she was on her way to the terminal. Unfortunately, she spotted her sister without calling her. Bah. I thought I could count on Mom’s face blindness, but apparently she spend most of her life with this person.


The Sister From Hell

Phew – Mom’s visitor finally left! We can’t believe this person was her sister (NO! We won’t call her auntie!) because she was so different.

However, they’ve one thing in common: insomnia issues. Our human snores a lot, so she offered her our bedroom to her sister. This is already bad enough: we don’t like when our human changes her routines, and her sleeping on the sofa was very confusing. But it got worse. Her sister closed the bedroom door at night !!! She was longing for a silent room and privacy.

cat sits in a box on a wall shelf

WHAT? Of course we were scratching at the door, making sure that she didn’t get a silent room, but how dare she claim privacy in our Queendom? Now, we know that we complained a lot when Mom’s Australian friend K. visited us last fall. Some of you may remember that Mom insisted on closing the bathroom door to get some privacy – but that was only for some minutes a time, not a whole night!

Looking on the bright side, we liked the um … creative … way Mom’s sister made the bed, but that doesn’t excuse her very rude behavior.

cat loves when my bed is a mess

Oh yes. Kajsa got so excited when the sister from hell finally left. When Mom moved back to her bed, Kajsa was dancing on her belly all night.

Cat doesn't like visitors

Now Mom threatens that she’ll also start closing the door if Kajsa continues partying on her belly, but we assume she’s joking – she sure wouldn’t dare bouncing us from the bedroom ?


Post-traumatic Exhaustion

Do I look exhausted? You bet I am. Our visitor finally left, and we’re all trying to catch up some sleep.

cat resting after visitors

We’re sorry for the blog break – our human was so tired that she couldn’t think clearly. Can you believe that she actually pre-wrote some postings to keep our blog running, but FORGOT to schedule them? Bah.

I guess we’re lucky that she didn’t forget to feed us? She said that we’ll go back to daily posts now, but we don’t dare to promise anything. Her memory is like a sieve!


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