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Mr. Shy and Mr. Very Shy

One of my neighbors asked if I could spend some time at their place the next day. Their cat Mr. Shy had a tumor and needed surgery. His staff had to go to work and wanted someone to check on him. Since he’s shy, there’s no point in just coming by, so we agreed that I would hang for an hour or so in their apartment, hoping that he’d show up.

I didn’t get to see his brother Mr. Very Shy – well, apart from a black lightning for about 0,000012 seconds when he was running for his life to get under the bed. Luckily, the patient, Mr. Shy, decided that I’m (most likely) not a dangerous raptor and showed up.

space collar after surgery and shy cat

I was even allowed to touch him! I was very impressed that he was doing so well after his surgery – he’s 16 years old!!

shy old cat after surgery with collar

Hehe. I think he’s normally not allowed on the table, but he convinced me that he’s suffering a lot and I felt very sorry for him.

catitter lets injured cat sleep on table


foolish servant to cats

Colander Brain

Once upon a time our human forgot our favorite treats in her handbag. I regularly check her bag ever since – you never know, do you? I’m sure our human’s brain is a colander because she’s so forgetful and often confused.

cat controlls my handbag

Shoot – has she cleaned her ears or since when can she hear what I’m doing here?

cat climbs as fast as she can when I saw her

Stop complaining, human. The one who can’t do elegant pull-ups has no business telling me that I get way too many treats.


When the cat is away Blog

Disaster Tourism

You know the feeling when you’re holding your breath because you simply KNOW that something big is going to happen?!?

Tessa actually had a second exit from the hat rack, but chose to run over Kajsa. I was very surprised and looking forward to an entertaining chase (am I a bad person?) …

Well, I guess this serves me right.


foolish servant to cats

I spy with my little eye

a ghost lives in our closet


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Squirrel Teaser

From Intruder Dog to Kamikaze Squirrel – oh, we’re very busy!

cat vs squirrel

Some squirrels live on our roof and they often pass our window when they climb (!) the exterior wall of our house.

squirrel teases cat

Although our human admires their climbing skills, she doesn’t want to reward them. We suggested that they could take a break on our floor. We feel very sorry for these squirrels. It’s so cold outside, they’re probably freezing and hungry. Who wouldn’t want to spend some time inside to warm up?


Teaching Intruder Dog A Lesson

You can’t imagine the smell in our castle when we returned. How could our human let a dog live here?! We were sniffing and marking our territory for hours. Of course only with our cheeks and paws; no urine – at least this time (yes, that’s a warning, human!).

Intruder Dog also played with one of our toys, a kickeroo. Our human says that she actually gave it to Intruder Dog (THE NERVE), but apparently forgot to tell his owner that “we” don’t want the kickeroo back. Bah. Just because we ignored it for over a year, doesn’t mean that she can give it away.

cat reacts to dogs smell

Kajsa made sure to claim the kickeroo back. Very important to teach both Intruder Dog and our Traitor Human a lesson – this kickeroo is ours. Kajsa even flashed her belly!!

We’re now afraid that Kajsa’s move wasn’t that clever after all. Our human said that she should give all our neglected toys to Intruder Dog – envy works apparently better than valerian. Bah.



Ok, she has been treating us very badly recently, and no, we neither forget nor forgive.  However, we could all do with a peaceful Sunday. I really love cuddling with my human after I washed her. She’s always so dirty and doesn’t take care of her personal hygiene – I’ve never seen her washing herself!!!

need to pee but my cat sits on me



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Terrified Terrorists

Do we look upset? You bet we are.

the real terrorists on an airplane

We traveled back to Finland yesterday. We got used to traveling over the years, but of course we don’t really like it. You’d think our human had a bad conscience and did all she could to make us feel comfortable. Think again! We couldn’t believe our ears when she checked in:

Our human (gives our passports*): One person and two cats to Helsinki.
Staff: Thank you. Oh, your cats are soooo cute!!
Our human: Don’t get fooled. If you’re screening for terrorists, you should call security.
Staff (laughs): My sister has cats, and yes, they look cute, but they’re jerks ….


Bah! How dare she make fun of us while we’re in an exposed situation?!? Oh, just wait until we catch up on some sleep – if she wants us to be terrorists, she better runs while she still can.


* Yup, we cats need passports, too!


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