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Cat vs dog 2:0

This dog training is going better than we thought. Intruder Boyfriend and Intruder Dog came over yesterday – our silly human hopes that we’ll all become friends eventually. Wonder what “eventually” means in her world? 20 years? Intruder Boyfriend and his stupid dog visited us several times over the last month, and we weren’t exactly nice to Intruder Dog.

But yesterday was a great day! When Intruder Dog got inside, our human felt nauseous – turned out that “number 2” was very liquid and all over his fur. Mr. Boyfriend got him to the balcony and closed the door. So the dog stayed outside in the snows while the humans discussed whether he should get to the vet. Intruder dog and boyfriend left after 30 minutes.

dog can't get in because he smells

Ha ha ha. Ok, Intruder Dog loves the cold and didn’t mind being on the balcony, but he got locked out! Seems like our human finally understood that dogs aren’t pets?

Now that’s a compromise we can live with – Intruder Dog may stay on the balcony as long as it’s cold, but he better finds another prison over summer.


How life with cats is really like: Priorities

Ok, replace the microwave with any other sound and change the positions, but that’s exactly the kind of blackmailing and sudden change of plans I’m dealing with.

Note: I couldn’t find a video showing only this scene. The video will (should) start at 14:03 and the scene lasts less than a minute – so no, you don’t have to watch 30 minutes to get this post.

foolish servant to cats

Cat’s Eye found its cat

Some of you may remember that it’s common to wear reflectors during the dark season in Finland (and why you should, too). I always fasten reflectors on each winter jacket and handbag in the beginning of the season. It’s normal to lose some reflectors before spring comes, but I was very surprised about the amount this year.

Well, until I suddenly caught some Cat’s Eye ….

cat bites strings of my jacket

Tessa: WHAT? I really love the new string toys you put on your jackets! And since they’re also called Cat’s Eye, it sure means that it’s a toy for us cats?

this darn cat is stealing my things


foolish servant to cats

Thank you for the music

One of the reasons we had blog breaks in the past was the time I spend in the blogging community. I’ve no idea how you’re all doing it, reading so many blogs every day, commenting, Facebook, Twitter, you name it … This time around, I’ve promised myself to keep focus: to post (almost) every day.

Thank you so much for commenting on our posts, I’m very flattered and appreciate each and every one of them. The reason why I don’t comment every day on your blogs is that it is simply too much. I’ve quite a different life now and don’t have so much time anymore.

nice selfie with my cat

I know that the blogging business is often “comment for comment” / “share for share”, and that is completely fine: I’m neither angry nor disappointed if you don’t have time to hang around here anymore, even though I’d miss you 😉


foolish servant to cats

Cat Swap anyone?

One last note on Mr. Shy: I thought his human was mad when she asked me to remove his cone and offer him food. I’m sure that my cats would

a) not eat (they never eat when I want them to eat, especially when they’d finally got rid of a cone)
b) make sure that I can’t put on the cone again.

Mr. Shy again … was handsome and polite. He ate when I asked him to eat.

can cats with cones eat

… and he neither run away nor defended himself when I put on the cone again.

are cats mean after surgery


What is this for a wondercat??? I was thinking of swapping cats with my neighbors, but I guess they don’t want my stubborn and not-so-charming girls.


foolish servant to cats

The Feast

We were very impressed by the servants of Mr. Shy and Mr. Very Shy – just look at this epic all-you-can-eat buffet!

cat buffet for injurec cat

5 different sorts of kibble and wet food on a normal day – their humans have an ordinary 8 hours workday. Now that’s a decent service standard for feline rulers!

(Hehe, and of course all bowls were still untouched when our human got to their place, about 4 hours after their staff had left the house. These guys sure know how to keep their humans worried and on their toes!)


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