The pills from hell – our Poopy Battle

oriprim forte vetI haven’t updated you on our poopy situation because I was so fed up that I didn’t want to talk about it. The lab results came eventually and revealed that they had oocysts in their poop. As far as I understood, this means that they have/had  Apicomplexa, a parasite. Like Giardia this parasite doesn’t always cause symptoms, so they’ve most likely had it for a longer time. The vet assumes that the stress of moving to my place has triggered the outburst. This diagnosis also explains why the diarrhea actually stopped by itself, because cats can sometimes handle this parasite on their own.

The shelter warned me that it was extremely difficult to give these pills; they even recommended that I would return my girls for 2 weeks to the shelter!

I refused. Of course I’d give them to the shelter (or a clinic) if they needed e.g. syringes – but certainly not because of pills. It would have been the easiest solution for me, but for Tessa and Kajsa the worst: either way, they would have gotten the dreadful pills, but “living” additionally for two weeks in a small cage?? My convenience isn’t more important than their well-being.

The shelter didn’t exaggerate, those pills are from hell. They do not only taste bad, but also cause froth. It takes me about an hour twice a day to give them these awful pills. I know, I’m a young cat mother, but I’ve been already giving them a lot of drugs, and I became quite good at it. Except the horror pills. This is Tessa 15 minutes after the treatment:

oriprim vet

I’m feeling so terrible sorry for them. It’s especially bad for Tessa. The taste is so awful that she sometimes vomits afterwards. In these moments I’m close to crying: I finally managed to force her swallowing the pill only to see it after 5 minutes in her puke. I’ve no other choice than starting the procedure again.

This is why I was again offline for some days – I’m spending a lot of time with Kajsa and Tessa. It’s not “only” the medication that takes time; I try to give them a lot of positive attention as well, so we play and cuddle a lot. On the bright side – 6 days to go and we’re hopefully finally rid of that ******* parasite.