4:40 am

A cold Sunday morning in January. Extract from Tessa’s secret Twitter account.

4:40   I’m bored. Maybe Mom wants to play with me.
4:41   Good morning!
4:45   Helloooooooooooooo!!
4:50   Hm. She doesn’t really seem to be into playing. Let’s see what Kajsa’s doing.
4:55   Uh-oh. Kajsa didn’t want me to sniff at her. Best I run like lightning back to Mom… one last jump, ups, what a hard landing, good that she’s well-padded…
5:00   Oh, there’s nothing cozier than snuggling with Mom in bed, I’m kneading her skin with delight.
5:10   Now that’s fun: Mom started listening to relaxation exercises. Headphones are my favorite breakfast!
5:11.   Darn, she realized that I was chewing on her headphones. But now that her eyes are open, she’ll for sure get up, make breakfast and play with me.
5:20   Hello-ho? I’m waiting!
5:25   Why is she now laying on her side?? I know that she can’t fall asleep otherwise, but she sure doesn’t want to sleep anymore? I want to lay on her belly, so much cozier!
5:26   Hm. If I sit down on her head, she’ll probably turn around.
5:27   Ok, ok, calm down, human.
5:30   It’s really uncomfortable when she’s laying on her side, but it’s fun to climb on her and keep balance.
5:33   I think I’ve balanced enough now. Helloooo?
5:34   Gonna do my business in the litter tray next to the human bed. Important to scratch as loud as possible so that Kajsa knows that this is my litter box.
5:37   Hi, I’m back!!
5:40   YEAH! She finally gave up and got herself out of bed. Looking forward to a yummy breakfast!
5:50   Bummer. She only made breakfast for herself because we’ve more than enough food left. She also grumbled something about that we shouldn’t get used to the idea that she feeds us in the middle of the night?!?
5:52   Tried to steal some cheese.
6:00   Mom is laying on her back on the sofa and watching TV. She says she wants to rest a bit, and invites me to sit on her belly. Oh well, so now she remembers how warm and soft my fur is?
6:02   Yawn. Sounds like a good plan, but I’m very very tired now, so I’ll have a long nap on the shelf.
6:03   And no, I’m not afraid that I’ll fall down, and yes, I’m comfy here. I’m not as freaking inflexible as you when I’m sleeping.