Shopping Queens

Thank you so much for your warm welcome! We’ll tell more about our new residence soon!

We’ve now lived with Mom for 1,5 years, and you should think that she got used to our gracious looks and enormous brain capacity. So why is she so surprised when we know that she’s about ordering food? Zooplus is the biggest international pet supplies store in Europe, and of course we recognize their webpages.


Feline friends – it definitely pays off being cuddly and very sweet when your humans are shopping for you. We find that Mom’s more likely to buy treats when we’re purring next to her keyboard. Caution! This is one of the rare occasions when you mustn’t occupy laptops! Stay next to it!

We don’t understand why Mom thinks that we’re spoiled rotten – and why this is a bad thing.

P.S. If you’re also a Zooplus customer, make sure to read their mails carefully. Zooplus has already changed terms and condition of their saving scheme in some countries. You can disapprove if you don’t like the new rules – the old terms and conditions will then continue to apply to your account.


tessa und kajsa nov2015

Scandal: our squirrelless residence

So King P. asked about our snow and squirrel situation. We don’t have a garden anymore, but Mom takes us outside every now and then, and I found a new great tree to climb. It’s so much fun when Mom can’t see me and gets nervous.


I’ve to report that we haven’t yet seen any squirrels, so we think that Mom made a poor decision when she signed the lease. Can you believe that she didn’t ask the agent about squirrels??? Ok, we get that 2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom and balcony are important as well. The area is also great: no traffic and a huge recreation area starts right behind our house. How very generous of her to make sure that she may keep cats – we find it difficult to believe that many landlords don’t allow pets?? And good for her that public transportation is extremely good, and that she can afford the rent. But squirrels?? How could she miss squirrels??


Sigh. This picture is only 3 days old, but all the leaves are gone now. No snow. Mom says that this totally isn’t her fault, but who knows… Did I mention that she forgot to check for squirrels before she forced us to move?


tessa nov2015

Dreamy Tree Day

I was just enjoying summer in our wonderful garden.

cat lives in a tree

Everything was under control.

cat loves trees

Wait. What do you mean with that we’re moving houses???

cute cat in a tree

WAIT. Why is this posting posted in AUTUMN?

Dear feline friends, we’re – again – ashamed and terrible sorry for this long break.

Mom’s this weird thing going on in her head: the blog was offline for such a long time, that’s why she needs to come up with some great posts, and that’s why she needs more time to write them, and that’s why ….

You, know, humans…. sigh. She started this post in August. And needed 2,5 months to look at the photos until I took over. So regular and normal posts from now on, hallelujah.

kajsa nov2015


Granny lives in an apartment building in the center of a big city. Mom had the brilliant idea to take me for a walk to the basement because she thought I’d like to explore long corridors.

cats hate closed doors

Eh …. shouldn’t she know that we cats hate closed doors??? And that we love windows?? Total fail. After several attempts to make her open doors, I showed her in no uncertain terms that I had enough. Bah. A basement where people store a lot of stuff in boxes sounds fun, but not this stupid corridor. Honestly – what was she thinking???


tessa nov2015

Feigned innocence

So Tessa thinks she’s a very smart cat, but I’m not only more beautiful, but also the master brain in this house. Tessa is far more playful, and it’s normally her who’s playing pranks. However, I often manage to fool Mom and make her blame Tessa for my mischief.

Mom heard a metallic sound in the bathroom and knew immediately that Tessa was playing with one of her favorite toys, the shower drain cover. I’m just walking casually in the bathroom, but Tessa is hiding and very interested in the drain strainer. Mom assumes that she’s hiding for her next attack.

ich wars nicht katze

Bad luck that Mom accidentally took a picture on her way to the bathroom. This photo shows the crime scene 3 seconds earlier… Tessa isn’t in the bathroom at all! And Mom got hard proof and can identify the perpetrator on this piece of evidence. Humph.

katze spielt mit abflusssieb

It was only because she was going trough her pictures that she saw what really happened. Bah. Surveillance state??


kajsa nov2015

Intergenerational competence

Thank you for your support, kitties, I’ll go for the maximum number of boxes!

Today I want to share some inter-generational wisdom with you to get maximum attention from your humans! Occupying Mom’s laptop is a very powerful tool to get her full attention. However, I’ve never seen Granny with a laptop, so I tried sitting on her newspaper. Success!

cat occupies newspaper

Even better – on the newspaper and crossword at the same time.

cat occupies crossword

Hehehehehehe. Needless to say: look as sweet and innocent as possible!


tessa nov2015

Intruders and traitors

They call me Closet Cat because they think that I’m the sole ruler of Granny’s closet. I wished this was true.

cat gets disturbed on closet

Tessa for example hasn’t quite understood what sole ruler means, and claims the closet to herself when I’m busy with other duties. And no, the closet IS NOT big enough for both of us, Mom. 

Cats fight about closet

However, Tessa is not the worst intruder. Hiding is not helping me, Mom takes this *#*§’* chair to fetch me. She says that we need to get brushed regularly in summer time because we’re loosing so much hair. Bah.

cat gets disturbed in hiding place

  1. How could she possibly see me??
  2. Granny told us that Mom was like me as a child: she hated brushing, and would hide as soon as she saw Granny with a brush. So why on earth is she now betraying her own vows?

kajsa nov2015

The Brain Of Homo Sapiens

Yepp – Kajsa was photobombing with her whiskers yesterday!

Feline friends!

We all know that humans are weird, but the recent events at our holiday domicile are in a class of its own. Granny has a great sofa: perfect for two humans and two cats … IF the humans were sitting which is only fair as they’re so tall! However, both Mom and Granny are very egoistic: they lay down (why do they have beds then?) and force us to go away! This is an ongoing battle, we were already fighting for our rights in January!

Now, the real bummer: we had no idea that you can turn the sofa into a queen size bed!!!


cat disturbs me when i want to sleep


cat doesn't want to share sofa with me

Mom explained that “we” only need the sofa bed when “we” have overnight guests.

Eh what??? To make this one clear:

  1. Our humans complain that we take too much space
  2. They could significantly enlarge the sofa
  3. They say it’s only necessary when they’ve overnight guests
  4. Tessa and I are staying at Granny’s place for several weeks
  5. However, we aren’t considered overnight guests
  6. They say the sofa is too small for all of us

Any idea how they managed to get a sapiens behind their species?


tessa und kajsa nov2015

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