Cats vs Camera 1:1

Oh – I accidentally published this post! I wanted to write about our blog break before showing “normal posts” again. Well – now you got a picture of us anyways. The blog break will continue for some time: we’re in the middle of moving houses, and I’m very stressed. But don’t worry: we’re doing fine, and we’ll be back to blogging when we’ve settled down at our new place!

Victory! I finally got a nice picture of them together!

I got my cats on one picture

0,0009 seconds later:

cats dont like camera

katze hasst es fotografiert zu werden


mommy nov2015

EasyPill Cat

For their own best:

Whoever combined the words easy, pill and cat is hopefully FAR AWAY from my kitchen right now.

easypill cat

(No, nothing serious – “only” deworming before their annual vaccination shots.)

P.S. Sorry for the blog break, we’ll be back to normal next week. Thank you for all your comments and thoughts – I haven’t had time to catch up yet.


mommy nov2015

Now the drugs do work

I’m not surprised that Äiti has difficulties to take sharp pictures – her drugs are too good! I mean, I was just casually walking through the kitchen when one of my innocent paws touched a Polliwog. Next thing I know, I was laying intoxicated on the floor.

cat stares at valerian toy

… going wild. Ok, at least by my standards. I could name some cats who think that this is normal behavior.

cat playing with Valerian scented toy

cat goes crazy about valerian toy

cat plays with Valerian scented toy

cat loves valerian toy

Now… what was I originally planning to do? I can’t remember, but it sure was something very important?


kajsa nov2015

Dashing through the snow

Huh huh. I was just jumping into a very compelling box, and next thing I know, I landed upside-down several meters away!

cat is sledding in snow

I expected Mom to comfort me, but she was only laughing. She said that smaller accidents are part of the sledding fun.

cat is sledding in a box


cat sledding in a box in snow

Not sure what she means, but I certainly wasn’t laughing all the way. Quite the opposite I’d really need some treats to recover!

tessa nov2015



On Watch

l hope you all had a great weekend. I’m a bit exhausted because I was very busy with my guarding duties. I’m glad the human went to work today, so I don’t have to protect her all the time.

cat is guarding the house

To be fair – she really tried to make herself useful as she finally got animal tracking books from our library. Mom was very proud of her detective skills when she identified footprints from Leporidae. However, she forgot to measure the size, and doesn’t know whether these belong to a wild rabbit or a hare.

Leporidae footprints in snow hare or rabbit

Sigh. I’m afraid she’ll never become a great hunter. In the opposite to a certain brave, strong and talented predator!

close up cat paws in snow

It’s strange though – Mom thinks that this feline predator doesn’t really know what she’s doing?

cat paws in snow

Eventually, Kajsa joined us, and the felines finally outnumbered humans again.

cats are greeting each other in the snow


tessa nov2015

Propaganda Bluff

Feline Friends! Just because SHE has thumbs doesn’t justify her report of us innocent kitties being involved in some kind of Hostile Takeover. First of all, it’s not her, but our computer. Second – it’s not true that we occupy the keyboard all the time! 

I apologize for the poor quality, but I had to proof that a peaceful co-existence is possible. At least from the feline side: it’s HER who doesn’t want to share the keyboard.

how to work from home when you've cats

Hahahahahahahahaha. Talk about hard evidence! IN YOUR FACE, human! Eh … ok, almost always peaceful.


tessa nov2015
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Laundry Day

The lazy human finally emptied this very compelling laundry bin, and I moved in immediately.

cat wants laundry bag as her new bed

Hm. She says that I’m on the wrong side because I’m too dark for light-colored laundry?

cat is hiding in laundry basket

Sigh. And of course Kajsa had some objections as well.

cat in laundry basket

Ok then, I’ll change sides. Oh, and don’t you complain about blurry pictures! And why are you laughing?

cat is playing in laundry basket

How did you see that coming???

cat plays with laundry bag

Whatever. I’m on the dark side now, hehe: a great base camp for my regime. Now, get me some treats!

cats on laundry day


tessa nov2015

Greetings from the basket

So here I am, in my wonderful basket. And yes, it’s the very same basket I rejected. You wonder what happened?

cat in her basket

Mom put the basket for a second on a table because she was rearranging things. And there I was, ready to take over, to fill this basket with my gorgeous body.

cat chooses her sleeping spot carefully

So yes, I’m very satisfied with myself and my life right now.

cat is very satisfied with herself

Mom says that she’ll sometimes need the desk for herself … but I know it’d break her heart to remove the basket now when I finally use it.


tessa nov2015

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